Sunday, November 27, 2011

Random. Rainbow.

It's raining again. But the good thing is, there's a rainbow after the rain! It's so pretty. Too bad I don't have a real camera. A good one that costs over 3k MYR. This picture was taken by using my mobile phone, so the colour is slightly off here due to different colour settings.

Actually, it's a double rainbow, but the first one is not very clear. It's almost non-existent in this picture.

What makes a double rainbow?

Sometimes we see two rainbows at once, what causes this? We have followed the path of a ray of sunlight as it enters and is reflected inside the raindrop. But not all of the energy of the ray escapes the raindrop after it is reflected once. A part of the ray is reflected again and travels along inside the drop to emerge from the drop. The rainbow we normally see is called the primary rainbow and is produced by one internal reflection; the secondary rainbow arises from two internal reflections and the rays exit the drop at an angle of 50 degrees° rather than the 42°degrees for the red primary bow. Blue light emerges at an even larger angle of 53 degrees°. his effect produces a secondary rainbow that has its colors reversed compared to the primary, as illustrated in the drawing, adapted from the Science Universe Series Sight, Light, and Color.

It is possible for light to be reflected more than twice within a raindrop, and one can calculate where the higher order rainbows might be seen; but these are never seen in normal circumstances.

Our beautiful house after the rain.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First Day of SPM

We had the BM test today. The first paper (writing essays) was easier, but the second paper was quite challenging. I hope I can still get an A+, though. It turns out a whole lot of students (including me) do not understand the word 'cepumas' and the word 'halaju' when we're asked to use both these words to build grammatically-correct sentences. Guess what? Someone even created this page on Facebook today:

Hit Like If you lost 1 marks in SPM BM paper2 because of Cepumas

And there are 300+ likes already. Cool.

Tomorrow is the English test, but I'm confident in that one. Nonetheless, I'm still going to pray to God and ask him to give me guidance and confidence in my test tomorrow. I'm chewing on History text books right now to memorize the facts and details as History is on Wednesday. Hope I can live through SPM with all A/A+'s.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoo Uniform Update

Zoo Uniform is an exclusive lifestyle brand in France which is centered around 36 animal faces designs. But so far, they've only launched standard products bearing only five of their designs (The Koala, The Monkey, The Owl, The Panda and The Pig). You can read my review for The Koala T-Shirt HERE.

César & Paul, the brains behind the brand, has contacted me about the change in prices of the products. Now, the prices are €25.00 for T-shirts and €10.00 for Panties, and thus more affordable to the public! You can take a look at the products for sale at the STORE.

The Koala Pink Tshirt Women - Click Image to Close
The Koala T-shirt Rose Femme €25.00

The Pig Black Panties - Click Image to CloseThe Pig Black Panties - Click Image to Close
The Pig Culotte Noire €10.00

The Panda Tshirt Gris Homme - Cliquez sur l'image pour la fermer
The Panda T-shirt Gris Homme €25.00

For more, please visit Zoo Uniform

Friday, November 4, 2011

Graduation Day

After five years in SMJK Nan Hwa, I finally graduated. Five years of study, laughter and friendship makes me a little sad to be leaving this place soon. I sincerely thank all the teachers for their guidance and all my friends for making my secondary school life so wonderful. Without you guys, I won't be who I am today. So, thank you!

Me and BFF Rachel. I'm cuter. Haha!

Younger sister (Zheng), Keith and Me. We asked Keith to bend down so that we are of the same height.

Me giving Keith a fake punch on the face. I look so ugly in this picture. :(
But at least Keith is there to save the day with his cute, chubby face.
My fifth aunt [五婶] came back today and when she saw this picture, guess what she said?
"This fatty is so cute!"

Us having a photo with Add Maths teacher Mr Ong.

Another one.

The gals.

The guys.

Yuan's extraordinary scroll-balancing skills.

Mao's Claws of Fury!

The masters of ceremony, Xiao Hui and Wei Lian. At the right is Ms Chiew.

Principal Ms. Chan giving a speech.

The students' representatives Kah Yee and Diong Min giving speeches in BM and Chinese respectively.

The choir members presenting Seasons In The Sun.

Traditional dance performed by the Dancing Club members.

I received the very precious "Tokoh Pelajar" award - so unexpected and excited. My dad is the one on my left wearing the white shirt and my mom is next to him. :)

The Image Ambassadors of Nan Hwa.

Life is full of memories, be it sweet or bitter. Sweet memories are to be cherished; they will always bring a smile to your face whenever you take a walk down memory lane. Bitter ones, well - just forget them and smile, and you'll find your life even better. And here's to all Form 5 graduates of 2011: May your future be bright and your life happy and successful.

Aik Chien.