Saturday, July 5, 2014 Review

Have you heard of this online shop that sells mostly convertible dresses called If you're not sure what is a convertible dress, it's basically a dress that consists of a skirt attached with two long pieces of cloth that you're gonna use to wrap your upper body up with all sorts of twists and turns so it is pretty versatile.

Well, moving on from this, I'd like to write a review of in general. Back in June, I helped my room mate placed an order on the a mint dress which was on sale for RM28.

After submitting the order and clearing the bill, the next day we received an email saying that cannot post the item as it was defective and there isn't any other items in stock for that particular listing. It refunded us RM28 store credit.

I was quite displeased with this - a company of this scale should know better than to list a defective item or out-of-stock item, wait for the customer to pay up, then inform the customer oh sorry, it just happens that we ran out-of-stock! How ridiculous!

We requested the money paid to be transferred back into my room mate's bank account. And the customer service's reply was sorry, but it is our policy to refund in store credit. It wasn't even our fault in the first place and you denied us our right to reclaim our money. That just sucks.

But finally my room mate relented, as we only had three options: (1) let the money burn, (2) add more cash to purchase a more expensive piece (which may be out-of-stock too) or (3) choose something that is around the same price. So we went on with (3).

Now talking about designs, not many of them are actually pretty. Most usually have strange designs and cutting. The convertible dresses are quite elegant, but the price range is much higher. So my room mate finally settled with this dress cos it looks a bit like the previous one, only not as nice.

But when it came, again it was a disappointment. The fabric is thin and there isn't even an inner lining. And though we got it on sale at RM28, to think that the original price of RM59 they are selling this cheapo dress to customers, it just kills our mood. Luckily I didn't buy anything from them, or else I would have regretted it.

But anyway, if you ever decide to buy from them, remember to go one size smaller, as the lady boss who is a size M fits perfectly into their size S dresses as you can observe from the modelled pictures.