Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Haven't Watched The Hunger Games. :/

So, I was planning to watch the epic movie of the century in Big Cinema's Sitiawan branch, but...

Why are you doing this to me, Big Cinemas? Do you know I've been counting-down for the movie since the start of the year? >:(

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinner. Like A Boss.

Dinner at Lido Restaurant on 24 March 2012, 7pm.

Me and sis.

L'il sis sipping her Chrysanthemum tea.

Dad offering ice cubes.

Mom met her old classmate. Mom's face looks a bit deformed in the picture due to my bad photo-shooting skills. Sorry!

And here's baby stirring his Chrysanthemum tea added with excessive sugar.

Grandpa says he hates taking photos because he looks ugly in them. But actually he looks better than me. And that's me, raising a glass of Carlsberg. OK, that's not really mine. It's grandpa's.

Me and grandpa. Like a boss.

Grandpa poses with his eyes looking somewhere else.

Me trying out a cup of chrysanthemum + Carlsberg combination.

Zheng looking expectantly at grandpa, wanting to take a photo with him.

Zheng annoyed when grandpa didn't notice her.

Baby smiling sheepishly.

Four-person photo. Dang, we forgot to include mom!

And sorry, no pictures of the food.
We pounced upon them the first moment they were served.

But here's something to share with you:
My handmade wire-wrapped genuine 11mm Teardrop Tanzanite Swarovski Earrings! Wrapped with 26 gauge silver plated copper wire and dangles on 20 gauge wire of the same kind - I'll have to search for sterling silver ones soon. Wanna buy? It's only RM 15.00 plus free shipping in Malaysia! Just contact me at

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8A+, 2A, 1A-

SPM results are out! And in a way, I won my bet with Ferdaus. See here if you have no idea of what I'm talking about.

My results are... how do I place it? ... satisfactory, I guess. I was sort of surprised that I got an A+ in my Chinese, along with Hao Jie and Samuel, who are both Nan Hwa's top scorers with 9A+'s. But then, I only got an A- in Moral Studies. And no one in our school got an A+. It's obvious that the standards have been tweaked according to the graph. Our school used to have dozens of scholars who got A+'s in Moral Studies. But none this year. So disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I love Pn. Nur Zaidah - she's an awesome teacher, and I'll still love her regardless of my results.

My dear grandpa Sing Fook (whose name means lucky everywhere he goes) came over to the office somewhere around 3 o'clock and handed me a real thick angpau.

"Nah, this is for you."

"Thank you, grandpa!"

Then, Alice came in.

"Wah, Chien got angpau from gong gong ah?", then to grandpa "How much you give her hah, big boss? RM 500 per A ah?"

"No lah. RM 500 in one angpau."

"Aiyo, why give so little only? Give more lah? You so much money wad."

"My money is spent somewhere else.", said grandpa. He suddenly remembered something and turned to me. "Only you get my angpau, you know? My condition is straight A's."

Not knowing what to do, I just smiled, until he walked away.

So, talking about my parents. They aren't ecstatic, but satisfied with my results. After all, I did score straight A's, just that they are not all A+. Thinking about my future right now. What career would I be in? It all depends. Various factors can influence my decision. But anyway, I hope God can guide me in all ways possible.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SPM Results Coming Out Tomorrow!

"You sure get all A's one," said Uncle Seevakiri Seevakannan.

"Ya lor, if you get all A's must belanja us ah." Ferdaus added.

"Eh, Ferdaus. I want all A+ lar. If I don't get all A+, then you belanja me."

Why do I not have confidence in myself when everyone thinks I will get extra good results? Let me tell you, I'm not really the studious type who reads and reads and reads all day. I usually hate textbooks and reference books, and unless the situation demands it/the exam is just around the corner, I won't even touch them. Plus, I didn't do real good in school - just enough to get an A- in some subjects and bordering on A in the others. Who knows if my luck suddenly runs out? But, of course, I'm hoping my luckiness will stay at 100% at all times.

Before I'm writing this post and searching for related images on Google, my heart is basically peaceful. But after seeing all those images of A+ result slips, I can't help but start to feel nervous. For a while. Will I get the same academic achievements as those brilliant scholars? Hopefully. But even if I don't, I doubt my life's going to change much (except the part that I'm going to end up in a private college and my parents have to pay 30k per annum for the tuition fees). But on the bright side, I might just get a handsome, rich boyfriend/future husband in college. Haha, talk about daydreaming.

Sorry, I'm seriously biased. I love Min Ho!

But anyway,
life's about living, and to live we eat and work and sleep and shit. And of course, we mustn't forget to SMILE.

Before I end this post, here's some shameless self-promotion:

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Everyone's Crazy About The Games

The Hunger Games will hit theaters worldwide on 22 March 2012! Fans are getting real excited right now, and there quite a number of The Hunger Games related giveaways popping up on the blogosphere. So I thought I'd make a compilation right here to make things easier for THG fans! Click on the images to enter the respective giveaways.

The Bookaholics is giving away:

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1. Real Housewife of Singapore is giving away:

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2. The Crazy Bookworm is giving away:

Prize Pack #1:

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AND Prize Pack #2:

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3. Holly and Polish is giving away:

This giveaway begins now and will end on March 23rd at 12:01 AM EST to coincide with the Hunger Games movie release!

4. Paranormal Heaven is giving away:

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5. The Mani-Logues is giving away:

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Metaluxe Jewelry

My dad retrieved a small parcel in the mail today. It seemed this parcel was left in the mail unnoticed since Friday. I was beyond excited when I saw the sender's information on the top left corner of the bubble mailer. I opened the parcel, and found a cutely wrapped little box bearing the Metaluxe emblem.

And within the box, a treasure rests:

A custom-made Orange Woven Friendship Bracelet with Pave Detail (ARV $63.00 USD) by Claudia, the owner of Metaluxe!

Isn't it lovely?

I love this bracelet. It is a fashionable piece of accessory perfect for daily wear. It's not too heavy like most metal bracelets are, and the wrappings are done without any flaw. Measured at 7 inches, this bracelet fits my small wrist snugly.

More pictures of the bracelet (extracted from the listing):

Orange Woven Friendship Bracelet with Pave Detail

Orange Woven Friendship Bracelet with Pave DetailOrange Woven Friendship Bracelet with Pave Detail

Sophisticated orange friendship bracelet with gold dipped crystal pave detail. Three shades of orange thread woven/braided together with sparkly gold dipped curb chain. Bar and toggle closure.

Also available in other color versions: purple/fuchsia, blues, pink

Purple Woven Friendship Bracelet with Crystal Pave Detail

More items from the shop:

Pink Woven Friendship Bracelet Chain Cuff with Crystal Pave
Friendship Bracelet Chain Cuff with Crystal Pave $89.00 USD

Neon Pink Statement Circle Crystal Stone Pendant
Neon Pink Statement Circle Crystal Stone Pendant $90.00

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Saturday, March 3, 2012

I made my first online purchase!

Transaction is successfully completed. Yay!
Hopefully my items will arrive safe and sound.

The items arrived on Tuesday, which was faster than I'd predicted. I'm satisfied with the shipping, but two of the products are faulty. The 20 gauge wire is already rusting and the round nose pliers are not flexible. It seems there is a problem with the spring. My client, who initially wanted the butterfly crystal as a pendant, wanted something else when she saw how big the pendant was. "It doesn't look like a butterfly!", she said. Also, I got the wrong 8mm crystal beads - they weren't supposed to be AB's.

So, I shipped the products back to the seller and the seller promised to ship me a new wire and arrange a refund for the other returned items. I will post an update on how things work out. Hopefully together we can find a solution.