Friday, March 28, 2014

ROMWE Review

This time on the stuff I ordered from ROMWE were all of very good quality, and I'm very satisfied.
What exactly did I buy? :)

Peter Pan Neckline Green Dress 
I was looking forward to wearing this dress, but it's too small for me. I'm usually a size S but I went on to order XS 'cos ROMWE's measurement chart shows that XS is the suitable one for me. So remember to stick to your usual size if you want to order this dress. But I'm sure Zheng or Hui will be happy to inherit this dress from me! The quality and workmanship is excellent, so $12.60 is worth every penny!

Peony Flower Print Stripe T-shirt
The real colour is more vibrant than shown in the picture. This one is cute, but not really my style. Got it for Zheng/Hui. They'll probably like it! It's very soft to touch.
This product has sold out on ROMWE. The chiffon fabric is of excellent quality and I like how the gold metal points embellish the collar.

Retro Ruffle Red Skirt
A very popular skirt on ROMWE. I ordered size S, but it's a little to big for me. The quality was great, but I don't really like it. It looks so different from the picture when I try it on. Perhaps it was because of the not-quite-right sizing.

Hollowed Heart Back Black Dress
An awesome little black dress! Great quality and cutting! Love it!

Flower Printed Green Chiffon Shirt
The colour of this shirt has a blue-greenish hue and  is more minty than shown in the picture. I was worried that I might not be able to pull off this shirt because floral prints always look terrible on me. But I got it anyway cos it's so cheap I can't resist, only $5.60! I figured I can always give it to someone else if it's not suitable for me. But miracles do happen! I look pretty in it! What a sweet, unexpected surprise! :)

Diamond Print Nude Tights
These tights were so cute I couldn't resist!

My total expenditure was $100.56, but after deducting the 25% off coupon, I only had to pay $75.42, which was quite a good deal for 7 items in total. If you sign up on ROMWE, you can get a 15% discount on your first order by using the code 15%off. Click any of the banners below to go to ROMWE! :)
Happy shopping!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Integrasi 9

Integ9 is one of 9th Residential College's main projects. Not many people came today, but it was overall quite fun to go through the showcases of different Malaysian cultures.

Some Indian decoratives and fragrance.
Kolam (Indian Rice Decoration)
YAY! Got my first henna painting!
Pretty, isn't it?
In the process!
The finished design. Cost me RM5 only.

Angie showcasing her henna!
Her finished design. Also RM5 only!
Both of us together. =)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

JollyChic Review

Western Falbala Decorate Cheap Blouses For Women Green Blue

Price: JollyChic's items are slightly expensive, but it's on par with other China-based shopping websites. Rest assured that you get what you paid for.

Shipping: The shipping was fast (within a week). The casing of the heels I ordered were slightly damaged, but thankfully the contents are fine. 

Product Quality: I'm happy to say that the quality of the items positively exceeded my expectations. The materials are very good, and there isn't any chemical smell on the clothes. I initially ordered the lace jumpsuit as you can see above, but it ran out of stock. So I had it replaced with a pair of black shorts. Did I tell you how much I love those shorts? They are not only stylish and comfortable (with a side zipper), even the fabric is top-notch.

Customer Service: I mistakenly clicked on the order tab the first time, but thankfully their customer service department was helpful enough to cancel it and allow me to re-order. I also confirmed the sizes of the clothes and they are helpful to let me know the accurate measurements.

Verdict: I'm very satisfied with my purchases from JollyChic, and will definitely shop again if I have some extra bucks!

Recommendation: Make your site free shipping worldwide, no minimum purchase! I'll shop there all the time if this happens.

Outfit inspirations:
 Model is US4, UK8, International S.

 Model is US4, UK8, International S.
Left - Top | Bottom
Right - Top | Bottom
1 - Dress from Dees | Clutch from Loft Bangkok | Heels from JollyChic
2 - Dress from Times Square | Heels from JollyChic
3 - Top from Asiatique | Shorts from Padini | Sandals from Nichii
4 - Romper from Thailand | Heels from Zalora

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