Thursday, December 17, 2015

Process of Applying for Course Deferment

I faced some issues dealing with my application for course deferment. I actually submitted my documents back in August, but when school started in September and I checked with the office, they said they lost my documents and would require a new set. 

However, my earlier letters were not the standard version  that are required by the Admission and Records Department, so I went there with a new copy of the letters for them to proofread. After that I edited them and printed 2 backup copies of each letter. I had earlier prepared backup copies of the documents, so I handed in everything nicely clipped in sets and labelled according to each department to my faculty administration. And this time, I got them to acknowledge receipt of my documents by having them put a date stamp on my backup copy. (Very important!)

Thank God I was able to resubmit the whole set within a day. But now I'll have to wait for approval from the administrative, and it would take quite some time.  

UPDATE: My application took 2 weeks to be approved and settled altogether. BUT this is because I practically went to each of the departments everyday to urge them to process it faster for me, as I did not get KK and had no place to stay, so I squatted in Karen's room for 2 weeks, sleeping on the floor. 

Now I realize that the process for applying for deferment for exchange is so complicated, I think I should post the overall process on my blog for future reference. 

1. Talk to your Dean and get his oral approval
2. Prepare your letters and documents. 
  • 1 letter to your Faculty asking for approval for leave
  • 1 letter to SKET, sent via the Faculty, communicating your Faculty's approval for leave
  • 1 letter to International Students' Center communicating your departure and host institution acceptance letter
  • 1 letter to HEP applying for delay/suspension of JPA/PTPTN sponsorship.
3. Talk to SKET, making sure your letter is according to the format they prefer. 
4. Enclose supporting documents for each set of your letters in (2), i.e. I/C, Student Card etc.
5. Hand it in at least 2 weeks before you want your application to the approved. The best suggested time would be one month in prior to avoid unnecessary hassle. 

Nichii Warehouse Sale

After taking my Visa from the Embassy today, I decided to drop by the Nichii Warehouse Sale. It is located at No. 62, Jalan 8/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa. Just type this into your Waze and it will bring you straight to this building located in a manufacturing industry area.

From the outside, the building looks huge. Once you walk in the white building, you will see on your right a display room for sample branded clothes going at RM50 each. The real warehouse clearance is on the second floor.

The shoes are arranged according to size, but sadly the designs are not that attractive, and the shoes look old/dusty/worn. I wouldn't buy this even if they were RM5.

Special sale for today, the purple/lilac lace dress going at RM15 each. The lace part looks a bit berbulu-bulu, only sizes M-XL available.

Belts RM3 each, necklaces RM10 each.

Bracelets RM5 each.

Skirts/Pants from RM10 each.

I didn't snap pictures of the tops, dresses and other stuff because the selection was pretty much horrible. Crappy, unrefined, crude designs. I couldn't find a real good piece in the whole room.

Make sure you pay attention to the cutting of the clothes, best to wear a singlet and mini-skirt so you can try everything on in front of the mirror (no changing rooms available). 

Look out for defects in the clothing as well. I saw one white biker jacket on sale at RM22, but upon inspection, it has huge ugly blue blotches on the fabric at the front part. When I asked the salesgirl why it was like that, she said dunno, and claimed that that's why prices are cheap. Meh. I ended up putting it back on the rack.

In the end I didn't manage to find a single piece that I truly like. So disappointing. But I did purchase a necklace just to make myself feel better - to prove that I had not just wasted 1½ hours of my life.

Conclusion: I will never come back again.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

NSC 2015

National Security Bill 2015 was proposed on Dec 1, 2015 and passed on Dec 3, 2015 by the Dewan Rakyat, when the opposition failed to halt the Bill with 74 votes against UMNO's 107. A National Security Council is to be established, with PM Najib as the chairman. This council is bestowed the power to take any appropriate actions which it deems necessary for matters relating to national security. 

NSC acts as “the Government’s central authority for considering matters concerning national security” (Clause 3), which enables it to “control” and “issue directives” to any Federal or State government agency on operations or matters concerning national security (Clauses 2 and 5). Job scope also includes advising PM to declare any area in Malaysia as a “security area”. --- extracted from Malay Mail Online.

Clause 18(1) provides that the PM can decided where a 'security area' is, and per clauses 18(3) and (4), this declaration can last for 6 months but can be renewed indefinitely. 

As if not terrible enough, security forces can also take over any building deemed to pose a threat to national security (clause 30 & 31), conduct searches, seizures and arrest suspected persons without a warrant (clause 34), and the worst of all, be free from all legal responsibilities. 

Yes, you read that right - you can't sue them in court (clause 38). Hint: You lose all your legal rights and remedies, even if the government wrongfully take possession or destroy your properties, or that you were wrongfully arrested, or that your movable properties were illegally confiscated.

And, clause 37 says that all NSC affairs are to be protected with absolute secrecy. Hint: They can do whatever they want without any restraints and never get caught because the people will never know about it. Any whistle-blowers/defenders of justice within the organization will be prosecuted instead.

We certainly do not need such a law in Malaysia. We have been practicing parliamentary democracy for 58 years but we are now marching towards dictatorship under this bill. It is never a good idea to consolidate powers in the hands of the executive and exclude these powers from examination by the judiciary. Joseph Raz will rise from his grave if he knows about this. This screams of the high possibility of abuse of power, given our government's poor track records. Looks like Najib is seeking to disrupt the check-and-balance system by placing the executive at the top, with himself as the head, exempting himself from the judiciary's scrutiny. 

While Najib claims that NSC is necessary to prevent terrorism, it is believed by many that there may be a different agenda behind this hasty move. Najib's earlier political scandal which involves a missing RM2.6b national development fund which was later found in Najib's personal bank account is a hard hit towards his personal credibility and political standing. Hence, the NSC might just be his grip at power to solidify his political reign on UMNO and BN. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The UTC Pudu Passport-Making Issue

Today, my sister arrived at UTC Pudu at 12pm, hoping to be there early for the afternoon session to make passport because she is about to apply for student exchange.

But the officers told her NO. Why? 

"Because we're having Raya Holidays tomorrow"

I'm like WTF when I heard this. They are having their holidays TOMORROW, so why you can't do your passport TODAY?!! 

What's the friggin' point of opening the office if you're not going to do your friggin' job?!!

So she called home and told us the whole incident. 

My mom asked her to continue staying there and beg them to do her passport for her. 

And so she did.

Finally, the assholes finally relented and agreed to do her passport for her. Because at 1pm the Head of Department walked out, and he is a Chinese.

My mom is all like "In Malaysia, we have to be patient and preserve if we wanna get what we want."

I am dumbfounded. You know, this is what is wrong with the Malaysian mindset. 

It's like the dim-witted ministers saying, "You should be happy to have a place to stay in Malaysia, cos' you know, you're all pendatang asing (immigrants)." 

Quoting one of my FB friends (is it you, Shuwen?): "It's like having someone rob you, and you're asked to be grateful for what the robber did not take away."

Well, last I studied, Malays descended from Parameswara who came from Indonesia. So technically we're all immigrants. But let's not go into the race case. I've some of the best Malay friends in the world. We're talking about something un-race-related today. 


1. We pay taxes! (Well at this point, our parents do.)
2. Taxes go into the national fund.
3. Government utilizes national fund to pay government servants.
4. People working at UTC Sentul are government servants.
5. SO WE ARE PAYING THEIR WAGES! Technically and literally.

Why are begging for something that we technically and literally paid for? It is our RIGHT! Malaysia needs some serious re-education on their basic rights. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How To Renew Your Passport in Malaysia

A few years back, applying for a new passport or even renewing passport can be troublesome and take up to a few hours or even days. However, with the latest upgrade in the system. applying or a new passport or renewing your old passport becomes a much easier task. However, you are still advised to arrive early to avoid unnecessary waiting. And remember to bring along a magazine or newspaper to kill time while waiting for your turn (depends on what time you arrive) and also for the passport processing (1 hour). 

New Passport Application Checklist (last updated 3rd March 2014):
2. I/C (Original and photocopy)
3. Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)
*All photocopies must be in A4 size.
4, RM200 for 5 years

Items you need to bring to RENEW your passport:
1. Your original I/C
2. Your old passport
3. RM200 for 5 years

*Senior citizens (60 years old & above), children below 12 years old and student below 21 years old with proof to study abroad on the day submission eligible for a half priced passport fee.

Lumut Immigration Office
Address:Jalan Kampong Dato' Sri Kamaruddin
32040 Setiawan
Telephone:05-688 1882
Fax:05-688 4925
Office Hours:Monday - Thursday : 7.30 am - 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Friday : 7.30 am - 12.15 pm and 2.45 pm - 5.30 pm

Wait for your turn, and after scanning your thumbprints and signing the application form, you'll be required to take a passport photo on the spot. After that, make a payment of RM200 and you'll be presented with this receipt. 

Your passport will be ready for collection in an hour. Note that if you fail to collect your passport within 3 months, your application will be voided and your passport cancelled.

After that I went for a short stroll in the Ramadan Bazaar nearby.

Some weird looking jelly/porridge for RM2.50 each.

3 pieces of kuih (can mix and match) for RM1. Can't get this price anywhere else.

 Got myself a packet of carrot milk from this store. It was such a huge packet, and only RM2!

Didn't take many pictures cos my phone went out of battery. But overall it's a nice experience. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Naruko Facial Mask Review

NARUKO Mandarin Orange & Pineapple Pore Refining Mask

I really enjoy this one. When put on the face, it has a fresh pineapple smell, which is very refreshing and nice. The downside is that there is no plastic together with the mask sheet, so you have to part it carefully to prevent tear(s). And the mask sheet is very thin, so handle with care.

NARUKO Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask EX

I personally think that this mask is very hydrating, and Naruko masks are very generous with the essence, I have excess of serum to be slathered on my neck and limbs. However, I prefer to use this mask at night, as if it were used in the day, my face would be too oily and I'd have to wash away the serum, which is a waste!

NARUKO Raw Job’s Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Mask

I don't like the smell of this one, but it works pretty well in hydrating the skin. I've read so many rave reviews online, and I agree that it's a good mask, but I really don't like the smell.

Naruko Q10 Age-Defying Brightening Mask

I quite like the scent of this one. I'm not sure but it smells like pineapple to me. Pretty hydrating mask.

Conclusion: Generally I don't observe any spectacular effects from these masks, only the hydration part seems to be useful. I think masks are basically for hydration only, regardless of the benefits advertised.

Repurchase? Yes if they are on sale. These masks sell at double the price compared to Taiwan. (I'm such a cheapskate haha)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kinohimitsu Detox Pad 7-Day Experiment

Kinohimitsu Hot Health Pad with F.I.R has gradual heating effects when use. It helps to relieve pain from physical strain and bruises. It stimulates the sensor and nerve and promotes blood flow. 
It is recommended for people who suffer from feeling coldness on their hands and feet, body numbness, muscle fatigue, stiff shoulders and knees.
foot bigHOT Health Pad contains international Patented warming Micro-Capsules with F.I.R (Far Infra-Red), activates blood circulation to help soothe muscle fatigue and pain, bruises and stiff shoulders, relieve cold feet and body numbness, revitalize the body and enable more effective functioning of all body parts.
My test results:

I can only afford to do this experiment for 7 days due to limited budget. It claims that the colour will turn lighter if you use it consistently. I did use these for 7 days straight, one pad each night alternatively on my feet, but the colour seems pretty much the same? Perhaps longer usage is required for it to show.

It doesn't actually bring about any extra health benefits, but I think it's really fun to actually see the pad turn brown every morning. There is a sense of satisfaction to see impurities oozing out from your feet (supposedly). I've read online that these actually turn brown due to heat/moisture, but I'm not prepared to experiment it using hot water, cos these are very expensive!

Repurchase? Maybe, if there's a sale or when I feel like it. But these pads are real expensive, cost around RM7/piece, so I might think twice before I get them.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hermo Haul

Hermo Bank Account

View Details

I saw that Hermo was having it's 3rd anniversary sale, so I went a little crazy/overboard. Initially I only wanted to get the Aloe Vera Gel, but I ended up buying some other stuff as well, cos I wanted to test out their system of giving you RM100 rebate on purchases over RM150.

But it turns out Hermo is a tricky little fox, cos the RM100 is actually divided into various RM20 and RM30 discount vouchers that requires a minimum spend of at least RM120 to be used! 

So mad that I got tricked! :(

But anyways, hopefully the products I ordered are good. I've read some reviews online and it turns out these are all rated quite well by beauty bloggers.

On a side note, every new sign up is entitled to 2 free masks during this period! I'm not sure how long does this offer last, though. And they offer free shipping for purchase of 2 items and above. So I would advise you to buy 2 items at one time, unless you want to use the discount codes for a larger purchase. Leave a comment here if you want any of the codes above. I'd gladly give them to you for free.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lazada Haul

My latest haul from Lazada. At first I was quite worried, as Lazada doesn't have a measurement system akin to Zalora, neither does it have a clear description of the fabric material and fitting. As a result, the items can be a hit or miss. Thankfully, out of the 5 items I purchased, only 1 is a total miss, the others are wearable. 

I bought this frayed hem shorts in size 24 (same size as the dark blue shorts) but this one was too small. When I compared the measurements for both, they are obviously different even though both are same brand same size!


My review on Lazada Fashion (based on the items I purchased)
  1. Collection: 2 stars - Most of the clothes were horrendous. Only a few were pretty/decent. 
  2. Sizing system: 2 stars - No exact measurements provided. You can only follow the size chart or model height, which can be a hit or miss. 
  3. Description: 2 stars - No description provided on fabric material and size fit.
  4. Quality: 4 stars - Pretty decent quality
  5. Shipping: 5 stars - Only took 2 days to deliver the items 
  6. Customer service: 2 stars - I emailed them to ask about product sizing and only received a reply 3 days later. Even then, they did not give me an accurate answer. 

Overall: 2.7 stars

Lazada should take example from Zalora's secrets of successful online fashion marketing. Providing customers with lots of information on the items, giving accurate measurements and tips on sizes will go a long way. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

Place and price: I got my tube from a Nature Republic store located somewhere in Feng Jia Night Market in Taichung, Taiwan. It cost me TWD 150, which was approximately RM18. This is retailing for RM29 in Malaysian stores. I wonder why in Taiwan it is so much cheaper. P/S: Take care to buy this product from the actual Nature Republic store only, cos many are selling fakes online. 

Duration: It lasted me for more than 3 months on daily usage. 

Pros: Very nice scent, gel-like, absorbs quickly into the skin, no residue left (unless you get in touch with water, whereby you will feel stickiness on your skin).

Cons: Not very moisturizing. If you have dry skin, I would recommend you to put this on after bath, then add another layer of moisturizing cream/lotion. Or else your skin is gonna be as dry as before after the gel is absorbed into your skin.

Repurchase: Likely, but I'll see if it's on sale. If not, I might just grab a substitute since there are so many Aloe Gel products out there right now. Might as well try a few more brands so that I can write product reviews for you guys!

Rating: 8/10

How to know if your tube is authentic:


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: Elianto Mask Sheet

Today I'm gonna review some Elianto mask sheets I got to try out courtesy of my co-buddy Yi Xien. She gave me 5 different flavours/pieces for my birthday. I'm not gonna comment on the effects on my skin cos masks don't produce overnight results. So I'm only gonna comment on the flavour, and how I like them.

Red Ginseng Mask (RM 7.00)
This mask sheet is packed with moisturising and nourishing properties. Formulated with red ginseng, it boosts the skin’s collagen production, revitalises skin and improves its elasticity. This 100% cotton mask pack enables the skin to better absorb the rich nutritive properties of red ginseng saponin, leaving skin with improved elasticity and vitality.

The smell of this one is really unpleasant. In fact, it smells like real ginseng tea, which I don't enjoy one bit.

Pumpkin Mask (RM 7.00)
This mask sheet contains vitamins C and E as well as carotene to intensively moisturise, soothe and nurture the skin. The rich nutritive properties of pumpkin makes this mask especially effective for inflamed or sun burnt skin. The 100% cotton mask pack infuses skin with moisture and nutrition, leaving it with a healthy, silky tone.

The scent is too overpowering it almost gave me a headache.

Rosemary Mask (RM 7.00)
This mask sheet works as an effective astringent to cleanse and soothe the skin. Packed with anti-oxidants, this mask cleanses and protects the skin, leaving skin young and healthy. This 100% cotton mask pack enables the skin to better absorb the astringent properties, leaving skin with improved elasticity and vitality.

Rosemary smells ok, but the scent is a bit too strong for my liking. 
Oatmeal and Milk Mask (RM 7.00)
This mask sheet provides intensive moisture and nourishment to skin, making it perfect for normal to dry skin. Formulated with oatmeal & milk extracts which are rich in vitamins and minerals, this 100% cotton mask pack helps the skin absorb moisture and minerals, leaving it soft and smooth.

Oatmeal and Milk smells just like its name. It's quite ok but not my favourite.
Mix Vegetable Mask (RM 7.00)
Formulated with extracts from cucumber, cabbage, parsley, tomato and carrot to infuse your skin with beta-carotene, multivitamins and minerals. Skin is nourished, moisturised and whitened. The 100% cotton mask pack helps your skin better absorb the nutritive properties, leaving it smooth and firm.

Surprisingly, this was my favourite mask among all. It smells so fresh and yummy. 

Comments on packaging: I'd rate them 2/5. If I were to judge on packaging alone, I probably wouldn't have bought these at all. They are so plain and honestly speaking rather unappealing.

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Mom is A Liar


My mom is a liar.

In primary school, my mom told me that singing is easy, despite the fact that every time she sings she sounds like a chicken getting slaughtered. And unfortunately I inherited her genes. Nonetheless, she encouraged me to join the school singing competition, so I did. It was an eventful day. My singing was out of pitch, my beats were all over the place, and my voice sounded like a defective music box. I almost popped everyone's eardrum. My teacher commented, "How nice will it be if you can actually sing?"

In secondary school, my mom said that accounting is a piece of cake and asked me to take the subject for SPM, so I did. I flunked the first test, with a score of 24/60. I wanted to give up. I almost did.

My mom lied to me that law is one of the easiest courses in University and she successfully convinced me, but it turned out to be the opposite. She filled my brains with the idea that University life is full of fun, and I don't really have to study as long as I pass my subjects. My brain: party + outings everyday? OMG that would be so fun!

But as the adage goes, if it's too good to be true, then it possibly is.


Remember what I told you earlier about the singing competition? Even though I came in last, but my mom later said, "it's not about losing or winning, it's about enjoying yourself. You do not sing for others, you sing for yourself!" I felt my inner me nodding to her words in agreement. I do have the passion for singing, even though I sounded pretty terrible. (Note the past tense, I am better at singing now!) I regretted not joining choir in my secondary school years, but I made up for my loss during my university years. I joined KK9 choir for two consecutive years. The practice was demanding, and I always say I want to quit whenever I feel stressed out, but in the end I never do. I just love singing and my team mates too much. If there's a place that gives me the feeling of family, it is choir.

I was depressed and down when I failed my first accounting test. I didn't understand the mechanics of accounting for one whole year. In Form 5, I decided to go for tuition in two different places, and after doing lots of homework, everything finally clicked. I scored an A+ in my SPM. I went on to study accounting in Matriculation, and I scored well in my tests. I realized that it's just a matter of continuing or giving up. If I don't know the answer, I just have to search until I find it, and the rest will automatically follow.

Law is definitely one of the hardest courses in University. I used to think it'll be a breeze to score a 3.7, but hell no - I barely managed to survive with a slightly above 3 score. And life isn't as what my mom promised. In reality, the equation for university life is: study + lectures + tutorials + meals (sometimes skipped) and sleep (most of the times deprived) = rinse + repeat. That made me rethink about my life. I do not want a life where I only study and go for exams. So I try out different things as much as possible.

I joined ALSA, and successfully served my term as Finance & Marketing Officer although it was arguably my most dreaded task. I went to Hatyai for student exchange, I went backpacking to Taiwan with Amy and Effie, I met new friends along my journey and I put each one of them in my heart. I have my own gang of sisters in University who are independent yet united. A selfish reason for this is because if I marry someday I want to have jimui who will share my joy (hahaha) and of course, if they marry I will do the same for them! :)

Come to think of it, all the challenges in my life seem to have an intrinsic reason that is only revealed much later in my life. I can only say that if it wasn't for the lies my mom told me, my life wouldn't have been the same. So, thank you for that, mom. And Happy belated Mother's Day!

And by the way, a while ago I accidentally found my mom's secondary school academic report card. It was filled with red markings. And yet she told me secondary school subjects are effortlessly easy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I took the toefl iBT test on 18th April (Saturday) at Guidance View Midvalley Bouvelard Offices. The test took approximately 4 hours in total, starting at 9am and ending at 1pm. If you finish early you can leave early.

IMPORTANT: Go to the loo before test starts!

The test started with reading (4 passages, 42 questions) then followed by listening. For listening there were quite many passages, I don't remember how many cos I was busy taking down notes and answering questions in order to enter the rest session ASAP to go to pee! You have no idea how desperate I was. You will be given a 5 minute computer-automated break after two sections. Then it was speaking and finally writing.

It wasn't that hard, but it is best to look through the sample tests available online to familiarize yourself with the format of the test. Speaking requires a bit of practice to make sure you clearly state the important points within 45 seconds. I would suggest the following:

1 sentence - introduction
2 sentences - main point + elaboration
2 sentences - second point + elaboration (if time permits)
1 sentence - conclusion

I didn't really do well, sometimes the time ended before I even finish speaking / make clear my points, but the examiners were kind to me - they awarded me 27/30, which I think is really high.

You will be given one hour for writing, just make sure your essay flows, and best if you have at least 2 main points in it.

This is my overall score for your reference. I got 112/120, which is quite good lah! Thank God for the good results.


1. My Chinese name is Lim La La, how should I fill in my first and last names when I sign up?
I don't know about other countries, but in Malaysia our test authorities are familiar with Chinese names, so you can just fill in as below:

First name / Given name: La La
Last name / Family name: Lim

In your TOEFL iBT page you will see your ID as La La Lim, but it does not affect your registration / scores.

2. What documents should I bring for the test?
Passport and/or ID, depending on the requirements. Read the rules again clearly. 

3. What time should I arrive at the test center on THE DAY?
I'm not sure about other offices, but Guidance View opens at 8.20am in the morning, so I suggest you to be there latest by 8.30am to be safe if you take it at GV. If you're afraid that you can't find it, better go there once earlier to survey the grounds - that's what I did.

For other test venues, make a phone call to the office and ask for the time students are required to be there. And again, survey the grounds beforehand if you are not sure.

4. Can I drink water during the test?
In GV, we are allowed to put the water tumblers on the table.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below, I will try my best to answer you!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Nivea Flaunt It. Firm & Fair with Adam Saaks

I won 2 VIP tickets to Nivea's Fashion Show featuring Adam Saaks. Initially we planned to head to Midvalley at 6.30pm cos we were worried about the traffic jam, but Mieyna got stuck in traffic jam prior to that so we only started going at 7.30pm! Then Mieyna said we can use the jalan belakang (back road) leading to Midvalley. We ended up somewhere near Bangsar and successfully got lost and had to make a detour. When we reached Midvalley, it's already 8pm and the show's  already starting, so we didn't get to sit at the VIP seats. :/

The registration counter
Model showing the latest products from Nivea skincare range.

Adam Saaks

Introducing Adam Saaks, who came all the way from LA!

Yasmin Hani
Yasmin Hani showing her finished cut

Emely Poon

Emely Poon!
Emely's starting cut.
Emely Poon getting her back cut from Adam Saaks!
Emely looks a bit nervous haha
Emely's finished look - quite conservative, I'd say

Model's Cut
In progress
Sexy front view! Basically nothing is spared except for the boobs part haha
Side view 
Back view

After the Show
After the show, we were treated to some refreshments! 

Photos with the Stars

With Adam Scissor Hands
With Emely Poon
Overall it was quite a fun and enjoyable night of both of us. My only regret is that I didn't wear the right type of clothes that would allow me to go onstage to have my own cut! :'(

Nivea's really generous with their door gifts. Check out what's in my goodie bag:

Thanks a lot, Nivea Malaysia!

That's all for today. 
Nite, my darlings.