Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Friday, January 23, 2009

23rd January 1994

A day of joy and suffering...

15 years ago, a woman was enduring great pain in the labour room. She was excited and at the same time, anxious to welcome the presence of her first baby after nine months of pregnancy. She did not scream, but kept her strength to push the baby out of her womb. Perspiration soaked her clothes and she was trying very hard to get through this faster so that the pain will be truncated.

A final push ended it all.

"Uah...uah..." The scream of a newborn drew pierced through the silence of the night. The exhausted mother passed out on the second her child was born...

The presence of this baby brought more happiness and joy to the blissfully-married couple. After three years of conjugal life, they were finally able to have a child. To them, this was the most precious gift from God.


Fifteen years later...

This girl has eventually grown up and become a teenager. And today is her birthday. At first, she thought that no one will remember this day. But she was proven wrong. Her parents didn't forget about it, her friends wished her Happy Birthday, and she got to eat the famous "Mi Sua" or red wine mee which is a famous Hochiew delicacy, specially prepared by her mother.

She was happy!

But deep in her heart, she knew, and will always know that her birthday wasn't all about her own joy, but also about her mother, who suffered to give birth to her. If it wasn't for her mother, she wouldn't be here, standing on this Earth and living in this world. She is thankful to her parents because of who she is, and she will always treasure the gift which has been given to her since the moment she was born : her life.


I declare right now that my birthday is officially renamed. From this year onwards, my every birthday, the 23th January will be changed into "Mother's Suffering Day".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Birthday Coming...

Tomorrow is my birthday, to be concise, my 15th birthday. But somehow, I don't feel excited or anxious. For me, it's just like another simple, monotonous day. Perhaps it's because no one will ever remember my birthday and sometimes, I myself tend to forget too. But strangely, this time, I know that tomorrow is my birthday. I don't want a birthday cake and I don't want to celebrate...

OK, I admit that I'm not a sociable person. And that's most probably why I don't have a bunch of boon companions to wish me Happy Birthday...

Still, I wish to receive an exquisite present from my friends or family. I don't need something expensive or branded, just a little, beautiful present will do. I can imagine the moment I receive a present. I'll surely be in tears, deeply touched by their kindness.

Well, that's still an imaginary that'll never come true...

So long, adieu!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm The 7th Winner!

A mini marathon was held yesterday at SMJK Nan Hwa. Of course, as students, we ought to enter the run. And so, I took part. At first, I was having a stomach ache and I intended to give up. I rarely sign up for sports event, so it is quite obvious that I'm not an avid runner I can't stand the panting, sweating and headache caused by running for a long distnace. But I wanted to prove myself capable of jogging a distance of 3 kilometers. So, I opted for the harder choice : run with all my might.

With a loud beep sound, the race started. The 15-year-old girls began to rush out of the school gate, and at the same time pushing at one another to keep them behind. I followed on and ran steadily with a constant speed which was not too fast nor slow.

I kept on running slowly and eventually, I started to surpassed a few of the contestants. To my surprise, my legs didn't itch this time. It was a miracle!

When I reached Taman Bunga Raya, I strive as hard as I could. I wanted to get shortlisted as one of the top tens. Despite the fact that my head was aching and spinning in circles, I still wanted to go on, because I had a wager with my dad, and secondly, I wanted to prove my own ability.

200 meters...100 meters...50 meters...and I crossed the finishing line, exhausted and thirsty and feeling like I was going to pass out. I could feel my nerves and heart pulsating, and my head spinning. I was totally out of breath. After registering as the seventh runner, I went to the classroom, feeling extremely tired. I drank half a bottle of water which I brought in the morning.

After approximately 5 minutes, I heard someone entering the classroom. Looking up, I saw Kah Yee. I asked him whether he had won and he replied "4th." Later on, he asked me and I said "第七 (Seventh)." He stared at me surprisingly, asking " What! You got first?!"

"NO...It's 第七,not 第一 ..."I said, feeling funny. If I really got first, then it must be a miracle!

After some time, Adely came in and I asked her to do me a favour. She agreed. When I was going to give her the parcel, suddenly Kah Yee came back into the class and sit on his place. Adely and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Not long afterwards, my classmates came back one by one, all of them looking exhausted. My friend Rachel came in too. Then, her beaus came and tried to chit chat with her. A big one and a small one. Ting Hui then made fun of the smaller boy's father's name.( I will omit this part. )

We waited and waited until the prize-giving-ceremony. I was so anxious and nervous at the same time. Then, the glorious moment arrived. I stepped on the fleet of stairs that lead to the stage with a feeling that's mixed up with happiness, pride, anxiety and gratefulness. I received the prize from Puan Cheng and went down the stairs on the other side. It happened so fast that I doubt the truth that it really happened!

When I got out of the hall, I examined my bronze medal happily. But when I flipped to the other side, I noticed that this was the medal for the fourth winner and not for the seventh! I got the wrong medal and this medal --- it belongs to Pei Di, who won the fourth place! Where's my medal then?

Jia Yi walked towards me and claimed that she had also received the wrong medal. She got fifth but the medal was for the sixth winner.

After the ceremony was ended, we went to see Pn. Toh, but she said that our own medals have been took accidentally by other students and that we have to find them on our own!

What to do?

On Monday, we are going to find Li Qi or Mei Yin to check if they've took ours unintentionally. So, my story about the marathon ends here.

Have a happy weekend!~*

Saturday, January 10, 2009




I can see both! What about you?

Sunday, January 4, 2009


我躺在床上,辗转反侧,难以入睡。数日以来,一直如此。我强迫自己闭上双眼,慢慢地让睡意侵袭心头。当我快要睡过去的时候,一阵剧痛把我刚刚编好的梦撕裂了! 我惊觉左脑痛得难以忍受。我不断地呻吟着,并用力捶打着脑袋,怎知,这一切竟然无济于事。不久后,我的胃开始出问题了。瞬间,我全身被一阵阵作呕的感觉吞噬,意识也模糊了起来。