Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review & OOTD: Dressabelle

Dress from Dressabelle | Clutch from Loft Bangkok | Heels c/o DressV 

Today's a sunny day, so I decided to have a special photoshoot! Thanks to my lovely sister @yinhui_0710 for her patience in taking these shots! I know it's hard to get pretty photos when your model a.k.a yours truly is like a piece of wooden block.  

Hints to future boyfriend: Please take lotsa pretty candid photos of me, I'll love you to bits.

With my hair stylist and photographer.

Guess the bun didn't work out well for me.

Finally decided to let my hair free.

Before the official photoshoot.

Posing like a real model.

Then laughing out loud cos it's so damn funny.

My lansi expressionless face works best for photoshoots.

And laughing again when my sister commented on my rigid postures.


I simply adore my Dressabelle Floral Midi Waist Detail Dress (Lilac)! I think it was really an awesome purchase, considering the great quality and cutting. It fits my body nicely. Plus, the texture of the fabric is heavenly. It's equal parts feminine and durable. The folds of the dress falls perfectly slightly below my knee, creating a luxurious, full look. Ts chic! Usually I avoid midi dresses cos I'm short, but I can't help getting my hands on this one, so hopefully the high heels will take away the short stumpy look --- and insert "long-legged fashionista". The dress is currently still available on the website in size S, so grab it while you can! 

Site navigation is a bit troublesome because there are no options to choose price range and sizes. So you might have to handle the punch in your gut when you spot a design you like, excitedly click into the page, only to discover that it is sold out in your size. *insert grumpy face* I was going to buy more but ended up with only one because of this. I suggest Dressabelle to come up with a system like Zalora - when you slide your mouse over the main listing image, it shows what sizes are available. Likewise, they also have options to minimize the overcrowded mass into your range of items.

I placed my order on 30th December 2014, and they shipped out on 2nd January 2015. Post office was closed on 3rd January 2015, so I only got my dress on 6th January 2015. Long story short, I got my dress 7 days after placing my order, which is a tad bit slow as their base is in Johor, but considering that they were probably having tons of sales at that period of time, this was understandable. Plus, shipping is free, so I'm willing to wait. :)

Pros: Excellent quality and cutting, pretty design, free shipping
Cons: Slow processing

SALES & discounts
  1. Outlet sale items at 40% off - Use code SALE40 upon checkout.
  2. 50% off section - Use code STEAL50 upon checkout.
  3. Charmed by their non-sale items? Fret not, you can still get a 10% off (no minimum spend) by applying the code DSBXMAS10. Code is valid until 31st January 2015.
Photo credit: Tumblr
Dressabelle has this cute balloon system, where 40 balloons is exchangeable for RM2. You can accumulate your points to exchange into a one-time-use voucher of your choices of value. Every day when you sign in your account, you will receive 15 balloons as a reward. Referring friends to sign up earns you balloons as well. What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Outing with Elicia!

It was almost one year since our last meet-up! So happy that I get to see my old friend Elicia again! Initially I said both of us must wear dress, but ended up only I did. LOL. But at least we 心有灵犀一点通 and had matching nautical stripes in our outfits. 

We had Killer Gourmet Burgers for dinner.
We had the KGB Spiked Diner Burger, approx RM16 incl tax.
It's my first time eating this, and it tastes awesome!

Next, we headed over to Magnum.

On our way to our first customized Magnum!
The various toppings for you to choose from.

Presenting our RM9.90 personalized ice-cream!

Some selfies before we go back.

 I had a great time today, looking forward to more meet-ups with you, Elisia! Thanks for everything! :)

B1A4 Fan Meet @ KL Live

I won a pair of free passes (RM199 each) from Says.My. Initially I wanted to give them away, cos two days later (12 Jan) will be my land law test but only one person came up and claimed a ticket (Hui Shean). I thought about it - if I don't go, I'll probably spend my time 废柴-ing in my room anyways, plus it's such a waste to just let go of the free ticket! So I went with Hui Shean. But I still have some conscience cos I brought my land law slides together with me! See how hardworking I am? HAHAHA. Probably the most controversial decision I've ever made in my whole life thus far. I mean, who da hell attends concert when she hasn't finished studying for her finals?!! But I guess I'm just so-high like that.

Photo credits © Hello KPop

OK, to be honest, I don't even know who's B1A4 before I joined won the SAYS Contest. I entered the contest for fun, thinking I'd never win. Contestants are required to complete the caption: "If I had a 'Solo Day' with B1A4, I would..." 

I wrote "skip my exam for it." 

Never in my dreams that it would actually come true. Well, technically I did skip 6 hours of studying time to attend the concert, so it's pretty much equivalent to skipping my exam as well. ·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )

The interesting thing is, something controversial occurred during the close-contact with the idols segment. 4 Malay girls and 1 Chinese aunty were chosen to go up the stage to see their idols up-close cos their messages on the fans' message board (all fantastically written in Korean) were chosen by the B1A4 members respectively. The emcee then announced that they're gonna do a K-drama parody of some sort, where the "couples" need to reenact the scenes in popular K-Dramas. Note: None of the girls knew about this beforehand, they only know about it after they went onstage. 

tgm events
So what happened was, the girls were hugged / kissed on the forehead / air-kissed by the kpop boys in the parody segment. The next day, the video went out, with the title "Gadis Melayu dicabuli Mat Korea", which literally translates as "Malay Girl Sexually Harrassed by Korean Artists". An online war was sparked, with thousands of Malays condemning the Malay girls and B1A4. I posted my views on Instagram, so I'm not gonna repeat myself. And I hereby quote myself:
With regards to the "Gadis Melayu Dicabul Mat Korea" video. I know it's been viral on the internet, and proabably gonna make B1A4 reluctant to return to Malaysia in the near future.
I was there, I witnessed the whole event, so I think I'm qualified to say a few words.
1. The fans were chosen randomly, based on messages written on the board to their idols. The girls all wrote in Korean (mind you, it's Korean) so obviously they got chosen, cos these guys understand Korean better than any other language.  
2. Not all chosen to go onstage are Malay, there's one Chinese aunty among the chosen ones. Why most are Malay girls, you ask. Well, most of the fans are Malay.
3. The girls had written innocent requests, like "can you please say I love you, Mira". They did not know about the drama reenacting part prior to going onstage, nor did the boys.
4. The girls were then asked to do the acts by the emcee. They had given their permission beforehand when asked by the boys. Even then, you can't blame them 100%, calling them sluts or menjatuhkan maruah Islam, cos they are already onstage, surely you don't expect them to rush down the stairs at that moment? But admittedly they should have clarified that Islam doesn't allow bodily contact, so even if they were to act, no need to put 100% effort into the act.
5. The guys were probably not really excited on doing it as well, but they need to do it cos it's their job as entertainers to make fans happy. And they do not know anything about Islam, so you can't blame them cos their cultural and religious understanding is different from ours.
May the keyboard wars end ASAP. Hopefully B1A4 is not traumatized by this massive bombardment. 
Disclaimer: I'm not taking any sides. I just happen to be someone who happen to be somewhere at a particular time. 
Sexual harassment issue aside, here are some pics of me and Hui Shean, please enjoy! 

And last but not least, a pretty pic of myself. =)

Before I forget, I wanna comment on the venue + organising team. I understand that this is just a small fan meet, but the venue is really not up to standards. The lighting effects were great, but the whole place just looked like somewhere an underground band would practice their gigs. Plus, the security guard was so damn rude that I feel like slapping him. I know there are many people around (but seriously, just how many are there that day? 200?) but you shouldn't loose your cool no matter what. If you can't even manage 200 people, don't ever dream of hosting a concert for B1A4 in the near future. Trust me, it'd be the end of your days. If you're gonna loose your temper at the attendees, better don't host this event at all. We come here to see the artists handsome faces, not your annoying/bitchy faces. Exception: The girls at the counter are really helpful, they deserves extra brownie points. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sneak Peek: Dressabelle

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I received this on Monday. I could barely contain my excitement when I saw this parcel. 

From the close-up, you can guess that the quality is top-notch.
I absolutely love it! 

The grand revealing shall take place after my exams! :)
Stay tuned to see how it looks when worn!

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