Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of Year 2008 : Confessions of A Teenage Girl

Today is the 31st of December, which is the last day of year 2008. I want to say a few things right here, including some ''thank-yous'' to those who've helped me and gave me guidance and some confessions about the misdemeanour I've done throughout in these 2 years of teenage life.

I want to say thanks my classmates, especially to Jenny, who is always helpful and caring, to King Mei, for helping me under some circumstances, and to Eleen and Shing Yen, who teaches me how to cut a wooden plane. Next, I want to thank Zhe Lin for helping me in my jobs in English Society, Shi Yun for helping me paste papers and Wai Yuen for lending me her scissors. To Wenni for hiding my liquid paper when there is a spot check. (Don't tell Yiew Kah Yee and Chua Pei Di!) To Ting Hui for her cool jokes and Catherine for always laughing and Wen Ching and Rui Qi for talking to me. Thanks to Xing Ron, Huimin, Zi Xian, Yen Ling and Diong Min for being my classmates.

I want to thank Hao Jie for always carrying his duties out excellently, Chuan Ming for his guidance in Maths, Boon Ming for telling me which Hong Kong Drama is hot at the moment, Wei Zhen for being our leader in Star NIE competition, Hee Woi for burning discs for the English Society and printing scores for me, Kah Yee for being extra responsible as the leader of the prefect society, Ming Yong for borrowing exercise books, Kenny for helping me taking books over to the monitor, Chian Voon for helping my friend in Maths, Yuan Zhang for his funny run(giggles), Wei Luen for his cute apple-like face, Boon Keong for always dozing off, and Moses, Seng Kai, Pei Ern, Jing Yi for being in the same class with me.
Aiyah, I missed Shaw Chuan! Alright, thanks to Shaw Chuan for his funny appearance when he is nervous. Please don't take this as an insult. You really make everyone relax their tensions once in a while in a good way.

And now for the confessions...

Ma, I'm sorry for not doing my household chores and Pa, sorry I didn't get you a birthday card nor a Father's Day Card and same for Ma. Zheng, I'm sorry for...nothing?(In my memory, you're the one always bullying me!) Hui, sorry to scold you to be realistic for dreaming to marry a rich guy when you grow up. (Why, it's possible) And to my dearest baby Jie, sorry for pinching your ever-so-chubby face everyday!

I want to say sorry to Lau Kah Heng (last year's prefect society secretary) for neglecting my jobs. I'm sorry to bluff you that I've no computer at home. I have one, but my printer doesn't work. Anyway, I feel guilty for deceiving you. Sorry...
King Mei, I'm sorry that I slip out one of your secrets without any intentions(accidentally).But now whatever you tell me, it will be deleted the next second, so you can tell me whatever you like.

Kah Yee, I'm sorry that I always skipped my posts last year and not obeying your instructions and kept on reading my books when the exams were near. Sorry...

Jolene, sorry for always making you play two songs every Monday for assembly. I promise I will learn and memorize Komuniti Berilmu ASAP.

Hao Jie, I'm sorry for always being late when handing my homework up and making you wait for me. I won't do that again unless I'm really desperate next time.

Heng Jet, I'm sorry for calling you a loner and always forgetting what's your name.

Hah...I can't remember anyone else...
P/S : Please tell me if I ever get/got on your nerves!

So long...


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Agnes Monica - Matahariku

Tertutup sudah pintu, pintu hatiku
Yang pernah dibuka waktu hanya untukmu
Kini kau pergi dari hidupku
Ku harus relakanmu walau aku tak mau

(Chorus 1)
Berjuta warna pelangi di dalam hati
Sejenak luluh bergeming menjauh pergi
Tak ada lagi cahaya suci
Semua nada beranjak aku terdiam sepi

(Chorus 2)
Dengarlah matahariku, suara tangisanku
Ku bersedih karna panah cinta menusuk jantungku
Ucapkan matahariku puisi tentang hidupku
Tentangku yang tak mampu menaklukkan waktu

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Dream Car

Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

53 kW (480 hp) at 6.000 rpm0-100 km/h in 4.0 s
maximum speed of 310 km/h

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Raining

It's raining, it's pouring...A day without sunshine.

The rain comes down from the sky, followed by thunders and lightnings. The sky is dark, dark and dark...

I'm sitting in front of my out-of-date, nearly-dead laptop, reading book reviews. Right now I feel myself small and insignificant compared to the big, big world.

Boredom fills up my mind and soul. Isn't there a chance for me to travel the world?Maybe I'll go for student exchange next year if I have the chance, and skip my PMR.

My dear friends, I miss you all. Especially my girl-friends. And my primary ex-girl-classmates and best buddies...

If I'm wealthy, I'll go sit in a cafeteria and order a mug of coffee and pretend to drink it and ask someone to capture my photo. I like being sentimental sometimes...and do some stupid things.

I don't like to write a lot about myself, and so I'll take the opportunity to express my apologies to anyone who has been hurt by my mean words. I know that I have been an obnoxious girl all the time. So, please forgive my curtness and try to forget any remarks from me that has sliced your heart or hurt you.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Recollection of Class 2K

As all of you, I mean 2K students, have known, our life in form 2 has been an exciting part on this journey of life. Now, I'm going to write about our classmates in 2K.

For the girls, the first person I'm going to share about is King Mei. She hates being called King Mei, despite the fact that she IS King Mei. She prefers Rachel. She is kind and helpful. Always puts a smile on her face. A happy one. She always tells me her troubles and everything else because I made a promise that's I'll never tell what she told me to a third person. But I guess that's not vital, since I tend to forget what she told me. But sometimes I slip out something without intention.

The next one is Ting Hui, who is quite tall. She dislikes to mention about her height, but I feel that it's a perfect height. (I wanted to grow until 172cm , although I may never get any taller.) She's always telling me that her Sudoku skills are at an advanced level. (I don't know if that's really true. XD)

Catherine, I don't know what to say about her except that she's one of the Snow Whites in our class. She likes cats. (She has a pair of cat sandals!) She's a bookworm, and is socially inept, just like me!

Yen Ling, a girl with cute freckles and braces. She smiles frequently. She never complaints about her job and is a good helper. Diong Min is a boss-like girl who COMMANDS and SHOUTS. The perfect person for being a boss. She likes to be complimented. She always seal her lips and smile broadly.

Wai Yuen...Oh no! She's coming! She has super-power hands and likes to laugh hysterically. She is short and plump, I mean the cute type, but never admits other girls are taller than her. Always gets enraged when she heard someone commenting behind her back.

Wen Ching is kind and helpful, her words never offend anyone. Rui Qi smiles, but I always sense a bit of gloom and sadness when she's quiet. She told me twice that Kah Yee seems to be lonely sitting all by himself at the back. I think that's quite true but I made no futher comments about this. Eleen is a nice girl, who is always smiling too. She's the "grandmother" in their clan, so I guess she's highly respected. She's Jenny's best girl-friend ever.

Zi Xian talks like a princess, thinks like a princess, and acts like a princess! She always talks about all those girls' stuff and wishes to find a husband who's perfect in all ways. (Well, this is every girl's dream, right?) She likes branded clothes and accessories, just like me. (But I've one thing to say: I've no money to buy any!)

Jenny. She's always in a euphoric mood. Her smile is always making others smile as well. She is the leader, the big sister in our class and tend to be very caring and extremely helpful. I was always touched by her unselfish acts and since then, I want to help others, but most of the times, I just can't open my mouth to offer to help anyone, I myself don't know exactly why. But behind her cheerful facade, she hides her sadness and still tries to convince us that she's just fine. I hope she can keep on to be a happy-go-lucky person and bring happiness to others.

As for the boys, I don't really know much about them, since I rarely speak to them at school. Let's start with Hao Jie. He's a very dedicated monitor and is very responsible. Nicknamed Doraemon by Rachel. He's helpful and warm-hearted. His best friend is Chuan Ming, and his biggest foe is Chuan Ming, too. Exam results are the only albatross between them.

Chuan Ming is a boy with alabaster skin, so white that I'm going to call him "Snow White" ever since. He is very anxious about his studies and is very selfish in the sense that others might be a cut above him. He dislikes teaching others and will only teach you if you plead. He has a luck face and I think he's going to be quite lucky in the future.

Ling is the so-called Negro in our class, and he really runs very fast. When he entered class 1K last year, I thought he was a weirdo. (I'm really sorry to say that. XD) But later on, I found out that he's not so bad as I once thought. He's very helpful and never ask for anything in return. Once, I asked for his help and wanted to pay him back, but he never accepted. Well, in my opinion, he should have taken the money, because it's a sign of gratitude.

Ooi, the big-fella in 2K. He is self-indulgent. He's gifted in drawing, and is proud of his ability. He's born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and I think that's the problem. His speech seems to hurt others a lot sometimes. (not me, because even though I know he's criticizing me, I don't even bother to speak to him)

Keith, the plump, apple-faced boy. He's harsh in his speaking manner, but he's kind in his heart. He's likes being complimented, like Diong Min. His best friend is Boon Keong and he's always bullied by those sitting at the back.

Boon Keong is the twin of Boon Ming, but they don't alike at all and their personalities differ at great lengths, very obviously. Boon Keong is the one who's always dozed off when Puan Punis is teaching. He hates Kah Yee, for some reason. Boon Ming is a tv-freak who loves Hong Kong movies and hates actress Zhong Jia Xin. He's quite good in his studies and never had an enemy.

Jing Yi is the one with a large birth-mark on his chin. Apart than that, he's quite handsome. He likes Wai Yuen and never miss a chance to ogle her. He used to be good in his academics when he's in primary school, but now he's slipping. XD

Kah Yee is the head boy, and is very responsible and does his jobs painstakingly. A solitary guy. Heng Jet who sits just beside him is a loner, too. He seldom talks and walks with one hand pointing downwards and another swaying to and fro.

There are many other friends in this class, so many that I can't write every single one of you. I'm sorry for this, but I hope all of you will enjoy reading this post. As for those written above, please forgive me if there are any of my comments which offended you. Thank you! =)

Last and not least, I wish the best for all of you, for now and in the future!

Bye and enjoy your holidays!~*

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Vampire-human love story... The only thing I like about this movie is the protagonists are well-looking. But I still want to watch this movie! I have a crush on Edward! OMG!

Edward Cullen, the handsome vamp...

Bella Swan, the girl whose mind Edward can't read...

Both of them together at prom...

The pdf version of the books. You can download it here:


New Moon


Breaking Dawn

And the Twilight MP3 (Original Soundtrack)
Twilight OST

I'm not that obsessed about these Twilight books anymore. After reading the first novel, I think it's not really that good as I once thought. I think most teenage girls go crazy for this book mainly because of the cool, handsome, rich and immortal Edward. The female protagonist Bella doesn't seem that interesting. She's plain, stuborn, a loner, quite good in academics, and the only special thing is her scent. Well, I'm not going to be exuberant, as I ain't a vampire. LOL! Now, I'm just interested in the music scores and the MP3. But the original music book costs about $14.95 and I'm not going to buy it unless I'm becoming really rich.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

James Bond Cars

See...My aunt, Sew Lan presented me with a set of James Bond Limited Edition Cars! Cool, eh?

Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DB5

BMW 23 Roadster

Sunbeam Alpine 5

Lotus Esprit

This is the complete collection, 5 cars altogether. My aunt bought it for RM 27.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008






Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Wishing for A Pocket Mirror

Christmas' coming...I wish Santa gives me an exquisite pocket mirror from Anne-Julie's as a present!

Either this:

Or this:

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Michelle is having a contest!

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Friday, November 14, 2008



当别人把东西借给你时,就表示他相信你能保管好它,并在一段时间后能够归还于自己。若你借了别人的东西之后,就像“青春小鸟”一样 “一去不还”,那么别人对你的信任指数也就会下降,甚至完全消失。因此,借了别人的东西,就应该尽快归还;而不是将它占为己有。这种做法是非常要不得的。

还东西时,应该亲自送还,而不是让别人追着你嚷一千遍 “该还我了吧!”,然后还得上门儿去讨回。这样,以后还有谁敢让你借东西啊!











Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hand Sketching

Please rate from 1 to 10. Thanks!

My Cunning-Looking-Face Brother

Says he: Hihihi...I'm gonna spoil your plan!

Friday, November 7, 2008


白居易 《长恨歌》 :

纳兰性德 《蝶恋花·出塞》 :

Friday, October 24, 2008


我有时候会想自己是否是一个感性的人。慧云这么说我。那天病了,阿妈带我去看医生,我还记得那天考华文作文。之后回到外婆家,昏昏地睡了一觉。一觉醒来,阿妈用摩多车载我到学校去。搂着她的腰,我感觉到她的小肚腩。忽然, 我感到莫名的感动。我好想哭。大概是因为阿妈很少照顾到我, 所以一被关心就很感动。原来被感动是一种五味掺杂的滋味。




Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spot Soalan Sejarah

1. Persekutuan- Gabungan beberapa buah negeri di bawah satu unit pentadbiran

Pentadbiran kerajaan Persekutuan dibahagikan kepada dua, iaitu
I Kerajaan Pusat
II Kerajaan negeri

2. Carcosa dibina pada tahun 1898

Apakah fungsi bangunan di atas?
Kediaman Residen NNMB

3. Meadowe Frost & H.E. Duke

Apakah persamaan tokoh di atas?
Penasihat British

4. Apakah tindakan Meadowe Frost bagi mengukuhkan kuasanya?
Memperkenalkan beberapa buah jabatan baru

5. Apakah faktor penubuhan NNMB?
i Faktor keselamatan
ii Krisis kewangan Pahang
iii Perkongsian perkhidmatan pakar
iv Sistem perhubungan

6. Apakah peristiwa yang menimbulkan perasaan tidak puas hati penduduk Kelantan?
Penyerahan wilayah Tabal kepada Siam

7. Negeri manakah yang memberikan konsesi tanah kepada Duff Development Company?

8. Siapakah Ketua Jabatan Pendidikan Johor yang pertama?
Dato' Muhammad Ibrahim Munsyi

9. Apakah dokumen yang membenarkan pelaksanaan Sistem Kangcu?
Surat Sungai

10. Manakah jawatan yang disandang oleh Dato' Muhammad Salleh bin Perang?
i Pesuruhjaya Polis
ii Ketua Jabatan Ukur
iii Ketua Jabatan Tanah

Bab 1-3 #

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Robinson Crusoe Theme


Courage and determination is vital to achieve success in life. As in the story, Crusoe's courage is shown when he leaves home to pursue his dreams of becoming a sailor against his parents wishes. When he is stranded alone on a deserted island, he is determined to overcome the obstacles faced on the island to make life comfortable for himself.

Importance of hard work is the second theme in this story. After overcoming his despair, he fetches tools, and other supplies from the ship before it breaks apart and sinks. He proceeds to build a fenced-in habitation near a cave which he excavates himself.

Loyalty and friendship is found between Crusoe and Friday. Crusoe saves Friday from being slaughtered in a cannibalistic ritual. Since then, Friday becomes a loyal friend of Crusoe. Friday possesses undying gratitude and loyalty towards Crusoe.

Sunday, October 12, 2008



Saturday, October 4, 2008


大妹和小弟因证实患骨痛热症而住院,终日吊着N/Saline和 Sodium Chloride 的液体。两手都被针孔插穿了, 针大概有一寸长,每四个小时都得抽一次血,想必是很痛的吧!阿弟抽血时一直哭,一边哭一边喊,听得我心都痛!阿峥虽然抽血时没有哭,但她还是在“白衣天使”离开后默默落泪。连续两个晚上,她都央求我在医院陪她。我很不想,因为整个病房都是骨痛热症病患,我的状况非常危险。然而,我还是留下了。在那里,我只能睡在懒椅上,缩着双脚,因为放脚的那个东西早已脱落。失眠的一夜再加上蚊子的骚扰,我简直是累得没话说;又害怕被蚊子叮咬,下一个受害者就是自己 (大家一定都很清楚,我是个怕痛的人,看到血就差一些就晕倒了)。阿弟今天出院了,本来高高兴兴的,岂知,一回到家就想妈妈了(妈妈在医院陪妹妹),坐在椅子上嚎啕大哭。真是个典型的小傻瓜!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2008年云南作文 《变味的善良》



Monday, September 29, 2008


又到了落叶的季节, 我孑然一身坐在早已枯了的枫树下。风轻轻地吹着我浓密乌黑的长发,让我感到无比地凉快。然而,我一直都目无表情的眺望着远方, 因为我对这种凄凉的画面早就司空见惯。我在这个地方,不知已度过了多少个春秋。



Sunday, September 28, 2008


Spring tip-toed to my garden and sent the cold winter away. Along it brought a breeze, not chilly but merely warm, which perfectly suited the beauty of Spring. How nice was the weather! And the flowers, blossomed with pride, showing their colourful petals, dancing together in the Sun.

The scenery image should have rise my spirits, but yet, I feel a pain in my chest, my heart. I remembered you leaving this world with sadness in your eyes. However, you did not cry. You faced the obstacles in your life with courage and determination. You gave me a weak smile before you left, which sent me sobbing until I fainted. It was hard to feel what was it like to loose a friend, a best friend, forever...

I still remembered how you've taught me the principles of life and the moral values all should follow and respect. I still remembered how you've calm me when I lost my parents in an accident five years ago. I still remembered your words, which guided me all along and recovered me from my lost. You were like an angel who saved my soul and brought me out from the abyss of darkness.

I remembered everything about you...but what's left now is just the memories of me and you, my friend. The sweet and bitter memories are still fresh in my mind. I swear I will be a better person and I swear I shall never let you down. I pray to God, so that he may open the gates of heaven for you, my friend. Not a single pain nor sorrow will harm you anymore. Sincerely, I pray.

I shall never forget you. I promise.
My notes:
Haha...This is an essay I wrote myself. Please leave some comments if possible...
Merci beaucoup!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


有时候, 我们一直寻找遗失的东西, 希望有朝一日可以寻会,但总是在意想不到的地方,意想不到的时候找回来。有时候,我们一直寻找生命的目标,希望来日能够出人头地,但总是不理解自己到底要什么。

当我们在踅摸能够打开心结的那把钥匙, 会不会在最后一秒才发现原来根本就不用找,因为钥匙一直以来都在我们自己的心里?


不要再寻找自己所没有的,而是要学会珍惜自己所有的,因为会珍惜,才会懂得感恩; 会感恩, 才会懂得快乐; 会快乐,才会懂得分享; 会分享,才会懂得爱别人。

Thursday, September 25, 2008











Saturday, September 20, 2008







  [点评] 本文感情真挚、细腻,于平凡中见真情。文章选取父亲雨中送伞的平凡小事,以“我”的思想感情的变化为线索,生动地描写了“我”由担心父亲出现,到怨恨父亲出现,最后感悟到浓浓的父爱深情,心理活动描写细腻感人,结构浑然融为一体。

















点评:一篇小小说,用浪漫主义的笔调抒写残酷的地震救灾,无疑是大胆的尝试。打破常规的假想,让虚幻的天堂与现实的世界奇妙链接,幻象与现实生活片段叠加再现。逝者劝慰生者,鼓励幸存的妈妈。不仅帮助妈妈解脱失女之痛,更难得鼓励妈妈忍痛救灾,播撒大爱。一场惨烈至极的灭顶之灾,经过温馨亲情的三棱镜过滤,折射出的是苦涩里透着后味悠长的《二泉映月》, 《江河水》般的凄冷的情调。品味悲伤而不陷于悲痛,怀念逝去的而更要展望未来。这就是本文的积极意义。