Friday, December 29, 2017

Movie Review: The Greatest Showman | 影评:马戏之王

The Greatest Showman  is a wonderful cinematic experience to me. I loved that this musical actually has a morale behind it. It teaches me a few things:

1. Appreciate our family and friends, and not to put so much emphasis on fame and wealth.
2. Respect and treat others as you want to be treated by others.
3. Happiness can be simple sometimes. It doesn't have to be necessarily materialistic or elaborate.
4. A real upper-class person is one who has a big heart.
5. Putting your dreams into action can make a whole world of difference.

The wonderful music, memorable songs, and stellar performances are bound to linger in your mind for weeks after watching this movie. Though not necessarily historically accurate, The Greatest Showman  is joyous, exuberant and uplifting. I had a fantastic time watching it.

One thing for sure, the soundtrack will be on repeat for a very long time.

Thank you Nuffnang and Afreeda for the chance to watch this movie!

我很喜欢马戏之王这部戏,因为这个故事有moral value。

1. 我觉得这部戏其实在教我们不要太执着于追求名利,要多关心身边的家人朋友。
2. 这部戏也提醒我们要尊重别人,就算他跟我们不一样——因为每个人都希望被接受、被认同。
3. 幸福有时候很简单,不需要太多物质上的满足,更多是内心的实在、快乐。
4. 一个上流人士不只是身份外表上的体现,只有内在也是善良美好的人才是真正的绅士。
5. 把梦想挂在嘴边不如付诸于行动,实现梦想。


谢谢 Nuffnang 和 Afreeda!

Review: Ambrosial Greek Yoghurt 安慕希

I believe everyone has heard of An Mu Xi, the popular Ambrosial Greek Yoghurt from China. Many Malaysians order this off Taobao and have them shipped here by sea. Even though I've heard of it for quite some time, today is my first time trying it. The texture is very thick and creamy. It tasted moderately sweet and mildly sour, just nice for me. Unfortunately I don't have a refrigerator here in my college, or else it would taste even better chilled!




Friday, November 24, 2017

Movie Review: Disney Coco

I was lucky to win premiere tickets to Disney Coco courtesy of MyFM on 22th November 2017, so I got to watch it one day earlier than everyone else.

Steeped in Mexican culture, Disney Coco is a story which happened on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  

Aside from the main character Miguel, who is a budding/talented musician, Disney Coco has many interesting and unique characters, like Miguel's abuelita, who "runs the house like Mama Imelda" strictly without music (Miguel's deceased great-great-grandmother), Mama Coco (Miguel's great grandmother) who probably has dementia, Ernesto de la Cruz (a prominent musician/actor whose fame lasts even after death), and Hector (the forgotten soul in the Land of the Dead).

The vibrant Land of the Dead is a lively place full of colours and music. The skeletons there are unique and each have their own special characteristics. The art and music were simply fantastic, my favourite song being the one Coco's dad sang to her before he left - Recuérdame (Remember Me). 

I guess one thing Miguel realized was that his family was the one who cared about him the most, as they tried their best to save him and return him to the Land of the Living before time runs out. Sometimes we pursue certain things only to find that reality is not what we imagined it to be, but even when we are crushed, our family will still be there to support us.  

Disney Coco pulled at my not-so-Latina heartstrings and made me laugh and cry. Aside from Finding Nemo and Pokemon, no other animation movie has reduced me to a sniffling ball of hold-back tears.

Disney Coco deserves 5 stars for its wonderful storytelling, amazing visual effects and its lovely rendition of music and Mexican traditions.