Friday, October 24, 2014

Cheongsam Craze

A Lost Shoe

Ribbon Wedges Jelly Shoes (READY BANYAK)
I brought my beloved pair of ribbon jelly wedges back from KL, hoping to wear it when I meet up with my friends. Who knows, dogs dragged them off when I did not notice. My dad only managed to find one side in front of the house, while the other one was missing. He searched the whole area once, but to no avail. I was quite annoyed (with the dogs) - I did another search of the whole area, but did not find anything either. 

The next two days were rainy days, and my mom said they probably got all wet and sodded, but I replied saying that they were rubber, and might survive after all. Yesterday, I searched another round, but my mom told me not to waste my time as she already did a thorough scan and found nothing. I instantly felt touched

Both my parents (especially my mom) are very conservative, and they do not say I love you or cheesy stuff like that. But you can always feel it, when they do something unexpected/kind for you. I'm blessed like that. :)

After my futile efforts, I was in utter despair. So I said to God, "God, please help me find my other shoe!" I didn't really expect God to answer me, but...

the next day, my cousin (who lives about 300m away) said her dogs brought back a prize from their daily excursions. Which turns out to be my lost shoe! 

God has once again proven his omnipotence! (I used the word again because I once lost my smartphone in university, but God sent it right back into my palms. But that will be a story for another time). But anyways, Praise to God! 

And I can't say enough how grateful I am towards my mom and dad for their track-and-trace missions involving a lost ribbon jelly shoe.