Thursday, July 26, 2018

Review: HappyMask Berries Garden

A look of the whole series. Such beautiful colours, don't you think so?

How it fits on my face.

The masks were surprisingly not strong-scented (good for people who don’t like artificial scents in their masks) and quite hydrating. The size is a good fit for my face. There is some texture to the masks due to the patterned surface. These masks are good for a quick hydration boost to the skin. After using, there will be a sheen of moisture on your face. The residue dries up to be a little sticky on my skin but nothing unmanageable. You may choose to wash it off, or just continue with your post-mask skincare routine i.e. serum, essence and moisturizer/night mask.

I award this product 4 stars.


June said...

Does this mask feel thick? Is there any whitening effect?
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Aik said...

Hi June, this mask does feel slightly thicker than normal masks, no whitening effect.