Sunday, September 28, 2008


Spring tip-toed to my garden and sent the cold winter away. Along it brought a breeze, not chilly but merely warm, which perfectly suited the beauty of Spring. How nice was the weather! And the flowers, blossomed with pride, showing their colourful petals, dancing together in the Sun.

The scenery image should have rise my spirits, but yet, I feel a pain in my chest, my heart. I remembered you leaving this world with sadness in your eyes. However, you did not cry. You faced the obstacles in your life with courage and determination. You gave me a weak smile before you left, which sent me sobbing until I fainted. It was hard to feel what was it like to loose a friend, a best friend, forever...

I still remembered how you've taught me the principles of life and the moral values all should follow and respect. I still remembered how you've calm me when I lost my parents in an accident five years ago. I still remembered your words, which guided me all along and recovered me from my lost. You were like an angel who saved my soul and brought me out from the abyss of darkness.

I remembered everything about you...but what's left now is just the memories of me and you, my friend. The sweet and bitter memories are still fresh in my mind. I swear I will be a better person and I swear I shall never let you down. I pray to God, so that he may open the gates of heaven for you, my friend. Not a single pain nor sorrow will harm you anymore. Sincerely, I pray.

I shall never forget you. I promise.
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Haha...This is an essay I wrote myself. Please leave some comments if possible...
Merci beaucoup!

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