Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it? I actually won the first prize in the 3000 m walkathon in the morning! And although I was very exhausted, I managed to get the third place for the 1500m run in the evening! And when I came home and checked my mail, I found out that I'm the winner of the I Hearts Giveaway! If you don't believe me, please click here to see for yourself. Oh my god, this is my luckiest day ever!

The proof:

Haha...That's me!

And this is what I'm winning:


Thank you, Julie and Patti, for your wonderful gift!

I want to say thank you to my parents, who gave me moral support and Shing Yen, for advising me on how to walk faster.

I love all of you!

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