Saturday, April 25, 2009

SHINE Necklace Review

Mickey at Nicholas Landon Jewelry sent me a very special gift a few days ago --- the SHINE Necklace! It was perfectly wrapped in a beautiful little box, which was neatly tied up with a green ribbon. When I lifted the cover of the box, I must say that what I found inside really made me jumped with joy! The necklace was so beautiful that I couldn't help showing it to my parents and my two sisters. It looks just like the picture below, just that the pearl is white in colour.

This necklace is an interpretation of the inspiration drawn from Christina's book, Ocean Star. It is made of an 18” sterling silver ball chain, sterling silver Starfish, a single 9-10mm round freshwater pearl, 1 1/2 inch sterling silver Shine! tag and sterling silver components.

The meaning behind the creation of the SHINE Necklace:

The OCEAN STAR or STARFISH may have broken pieces, but they will heal and mend when it is connected to its life source...the ocean. We, like the Ocean Star, will be made whole when we are connected to God as our Source of Life, no matter what gets damaged or broken along our journey.

The SHINE tag is to discover the unique gifts and purpose that we are created with and to pass along those blessings to others. We each have a destiny to be discovered, a light that is meant to shine and a journey before us yet to be Shine!

The PEARL represents us as well as the people who come along our path that are willing to share their hopes and blessings for our lives and encourage us to Look Up to the possibilities that await us in our future. We like the pearl are a unique, one of a kind treasure!

To buy:

This necklace is made by Pearl Girl, Mickey Johnson. If you'd like to have one for your own, please click here to purchase. The retail price is $38.00.

Proceeds of the sale of this necklace will go to You’re Designed to Shine ministries where their goal is to help women ages 8-88 discover that they are designed to Shine and to be the women that God planned for them to be.

Please remember that you are DESIGNED TO SHINE, that God knows the STARs as he knows you and has a plan for your life and that as you allow God to take the irritations of your life and coat them with his grace, you too will be turned into a PEARL of great value to encourage others on their journeys, as well as be reminded of all those pearls who have encouraged you.

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YZ said...

Nice review! The necklace looks very beautiful. Mickey Johnson is a talented artist indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this review is good, but I hope to see more articles about you yourself in the future.


Mickey Johnson said...

aik; thank you for putting our necklace on your blog and i am so thrilled that you like it so much. you're a sweetie pie!
xo, mickey of nicholas landon jewelry.