Friday, July 10, 2009

Geography Quiz

10th July, 2009

Together with my 3 friends, I attended a Geography Quiz in SMK Convent, Sitiawan. Their school compound is smaller than mine, but what I liked about that place is that it's VERY clean. Yes, there's not a single rubbish in sight. My first impression was : Hmm...Nice...

There were 20 participating teams from the Manjung District. Well, as usual, I was chickened-out by their rigid, professional and confident faces. Oh, will I ever get the strength to pretend that everything's just fine?

The air was filled with dense air. The greatest war in History was about to start. Knights and ladies in shining amours were ready to battle for honour and glory, and most important of all, for their nation. (Oops, I guess I just veered away from our topic...)

We were asked to leave our bags outside the examination hall, and we were allowed to bring our pencil cases only.

The quiz started and everyone automatically turned to 'silent mode'. Only the whirring sounds of the fans and the scribbling sounds of friction produced by the pencils and the papers were heard. Slowly, my hands and feet went cold. Like a vampire's. Oh great. (I guess I'm just too obsessed by Twilight. You know how handsome Edward is.)

We have to answer 80 questions in an hour. The time wasn't a problem. The questions were. They were hard, well, for me. I think it's because I don't study much. I only read through a few pages before going to the quiz. Laziness and computer addiction has made me an irresponsible person. I have to admit it's my own fault.

An hour passed and the papers were being collected by the prefects. Some people say prefects should be perfect, but I think that's impossible. How can you ask someone else to be all-rounded when you yourself could never be one?

Our teacher came over a few minutes later. You should have looked at her face. It's an UNhappy face. You could have scored better, that's what she told me. Oh, please, I'm not as smart as you think I am. I'm just lucky to get the highest Geography mark IN SCHOOL. Maybe I'm not so lucky this time. Hah.

I thought we were going to loose terribly. But hey, we got second! Not bad. I pictured myself smiling brightly, my heart leaping above the clouds. But somehow, the teacher wasn't happy. She wanted us to get the first prize, but it went to another school --- ACS, with only a difference of 2 marks. A small thing makes a big difference. And it's all my fault. She thought I was going to score the most points in the team, and I disappointed her. I got the least.

Hao Jie calmed her down by saying, " What can we do? It's fate."

We went to Pizza Hut later on and ordered a large pizza and two plates of tempura. It tasted nice, but her face is still sour. She just ordered salad for herself. I guess she's just not ready to let it down yet. Well, I still had to feed my stomach, right?

Many congratulations to the winning teams:
1. ACS
2. Nan Hwa
3. Dindings

Beh Ping Ping from ACS got the highest mark - 72/80. That's great. And there's a girl from Dindings, she's just so sweet --- like a Korean actress. Never got to know her, though. My long-lost friend --- Chien Yie, from ACS, said "Oh, I know who are you! You're 'The-Miss-Who-Always-Has-A-Runny-Nose'! " Great. Now everyone knows my sinus problems.


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hey.. still the same sentence... it's fate,wad to do?? Edward is handsome..oh yeah he is... btw thanks for ur tips on MC-ing...;-P

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Haha. It's "suratan TUHAN" .
use the original one.

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