Monday, January 11, 2010

Feature & Review : Patch First Shop

Have you ever heard of PatchFirstShop? It belongs to a creative Thai-based jewellery designer - Patch! Patch is adroit in creating jewellery from pearls and swarovski crystals. Each piece is made with great attention to detail with high end craftsmanship. I won a Flora Pearl Necklace - Luxury Collection worth $60.00 USD from Patch's blog back in December 2009.

Flora Pearl Necklace - Luxury Collection

I wanted to present it to my mother as a gift, and Patch kindly offered to wrap it when I told her the recipient will be my mother. The necklace arrived today and my mom was surprised to get something in the mail. Patch used a pretty envelope with red hearts on it. When she opened the package, she was even surprised because the gift box looks exceptionally classy and elegant. When she untied the white satin ribbon and saw what's inside, she actually gasped. Obviously, she was stunned by the beauty of the necklace. The Flora Pearl Necklace is made from Swarovski Teardrop Crystals and Pearls together with Unique Flower 18K Gold Spacers. See the other items in this collection ~ Bracelet :: Earrings

In my mom's own words:
This necklace is gorgeous! The harmonious and lustrous shimmer of the pearls is really eye-catching. I'm sure everyone will take notice of them easily. I'm satisfied with the excellent craftsmanship! I love this necklace and I will wear it always. Thank you, Patch!

Champaign Teardrop Pendant with Sterling Silver Necklace
Champaign Teardrop Pendant with Sterling Silver Necklace $28.00 USD
This necklace is for those who love the classic style. The Champaign Teardrop Pendant is timeless, elegant, and ladylike. Made from a Champaign Swarovski Teardrop Crystal Pendant on a 18" Sterling Necklace. See the complementary earrings in the collection here.

Star Flower Hairpins - 1 pair
Star Flower Hairpins - 1 pair $30.00 USD
I really like these pretty, dainty hairpins! They are made with Swarovski Crystals and Rhodium Hair Pins.

Diamond Dust Ear Clips - 1 pair
Diamond Dust Ear Clips $20.00 USD
Made from unique Diamond Dust button attached to Rhodium Ear Clips. See other items in this collection ~ Hair Pins :: Hair Comb

Amelia Collection - 2 strands PEARL necklace
Amelia Collection - 2 strands PEARL necklace $70.00 USD
The Amelia Collection features a Romantic Masterpiece - a 2 strand pearl necklace made from Swarovski Glass Pearls with unique silver-plated filigree clasp. See other items in this collection ~ Flower Brooch

Elegant Pearl Bracelet - 3 Strands and Spacers
Elegant Pearl Bracelet - 3 Strands and Spacers $30.00 USD
This Pearl Bracelet is made from Swarovski Cream Pearls (6mm and 8mm) and Clear Crystal Golden Spacers. They are traded meticulously with elastic cords.

All orders will be packed in a handmade velvet bag with clear plastic box. Patch is offering free international shipping on all items in 2010. If you have any questions regarding the jewellery in Patch's shop, please feel free to contact her at patchfirstshop[at] / puk793[at] or send her a message via Etsy convo.

Patch's other shops:
Jewelry shop on ArtFire :: Supply shop on Etsy :: Vintage clothing shop on Etsy


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Great Featured!!! I'm flying when reading your mom's comment!!! I'm so glad that she love it!!

I do love the custom order so if you are a bride-to-be and want something to match your gown, please contact me.. I will design jewelry for you and send to you to decide with no extra charge..

Thank you Aik for this great post.. :D

Aik said...

You're welcome, Patch! Actually, I would also like to thank you because the necklace made my mom very happy!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great feature...Patch does great work :)
Congrats on your win!

storybeader said...

Patch's jewelry design is SO very beautiful. Fit for a queen or movie star! I love her work!

Splendid Little Stars said...

That is a gorgeous necklace! So glad your mother received it and will be enjoying it!