Saturday, June 5, 2010

Being A Woman Is Harder Than Being A Man

Topic: Is Being A Woman Harder Than Being A Man?

I support the statement above. Here are my points:

Nowadays, both men and women have equal rights in law, which is undeniably a great change from the olden days' male-dominated society. However, sometimes women are still looked down upon when it comes to their ability of doing a man's job. Bosses sometimes tend to give a lower pay to women workers, even when they have proved themselves more capable than their fellow male colleagues. This is the first unquestionable reason why being a woman is harder than being a man.
Women are created by God to be a partner of man, but He gave the job of bearing children to women. Women have suffered a lot because of this and some even died in childbirth, albeit the truth that many mothers may say this is an amazing experience. Pregnant ladies will feel sick and tend to vomit when they smell something that triggers their senses. They carry the child in their womb for 9 months and later on experience the excruciating pain when the child is born. They will be weak for at least one month after the delivery. This explains why being a woman is harder than being a man. Men do not need to risk their lives to produce an offspring. They don't even get pregnant (well, for now, at least).

Most women suffer from pain during menstruation and they feel very weak during a certain period of time. Women also have to take care of the house and work really hard to make their husbands and children happy. I once read in a book saying that a woman is a mother, babysitter, worker, teacher, cook, gardener and driver. This shows that the burden a woman is to carry is so huge and she has to do almost everything! Not to mention the lack of rest, which causes fatigue and wrinkles.

As we know, most leaders in the world are men. Even Sen. Hillary Clinton admitted that it's tougher for her to run (in an election) as a woman than it was for her male opponents. Men supposedly have to make the tough decisions, such as leading a nation and so forth but a woman can do the same as well.
Many women apply make up every time they go out to the streets. Some school girls also wear makeup when they go to school. Why do they take the risk of applying these chemicals on their face? First, it's to prevent men from secretly laughing at them if they look ugly and old. Second, they want to look attractive and beautiful. Now think about this: If there are no men in this world, why would any women want to doll up so that they look presentable?

As a conclusion, being a woman is harder than being a man.

What do you think?


Kirthi said...

I so agree with you on this!!! Thanks for posting, it's SO true!

MrNoName said...

Women have to be smart, mothers, suffer PMS and menstrual cycles, but applying make ups to avoid being laugh is not so true as many females look as good as ever with or without make ups, its their own choice and decision to apply make ups. =)

Men have to be smart, shaving the face, always worried about getting some, having to work and support the family. Not forgetting that some men HAVE to read lady's mind, you know what i mean.. ;-)

So I think it's just even between these two..

Da Hawk said...

women have pms but men have women. Look at the world around you. The streets , the building, the inventions, the cars, technology , the pyramids and on and on. The wars se fight. Women are constantly patting themselves on the back for a tough life. What does a woman have to do to get a man? Nothing, she can be waitress or unemployed. What does a man have to do? Look good, have a great career, well endowed, good in bed then when he ages he has to get it up. Women just sit on their rear ends and do nothing. I've raised an 12 month old and 3 other boys. A mother will never get fired if she takes a nap and on and on. I've had 3 kidney stones that hurt worse than child birth. Just another day in the life of a man. The suicide rate alone should tell you has a tougher life. Ask any woman alive if she'l switch places with a man. let hims tay home while she takes care of the family. Any takers? i didn't think so.

Aik said...

@DaHawk: I'd be happy to switch places with a man and work 9-5 if that means I don't have to clean and cook, wipe the baby's ass, clean up the kids' mess, living my life like a maid.