Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review : Country Soaps by Marlene {Part 2}

Handmade from 100% Fresh Creamy Goats Milk

Old  Fashion Lilac Goats Milk Soap
Old Fashion Lilac Goats Milk Soap $4.00 USD
Ingredients: Goats milk, palm oil, castor oil, coconut oil, NaOH, fragrance and skin safe coloring.

This piece of soap really smells lovely! I don't know the smell of lilacs, since we don't plant any, but I really loved the floral scent! Just as the Patchouli Goats Milk Soap, it leaves my skin soft and silky. I think this soap would look better without the colouring. I prefer plain-looking soaps with a white or creamy texture because they seem more natural that way. Anyway, this soap is awesome and you should try it!

Rating: 4.500

Endless Love  Type Shower Gel SPECIAL
Endless Love Type Shower Gel SPECIAL $6.00
Ingredients: Distilled water, Olive oil, coconut oil, potasium hydroxide, sodium borate, powdered goats milk and fragrance.

This shower gel contains powdered goats milk which leaves your skin feeling soft and silky just like the liquid goats milk does in bar soap. The shower gel comes in an 8 oz. bottle which you can snap the hook off one end and snap on the other end to hang in your shower.

I really love this shower gel! It's wonderful! When I squeezed the bottle, a creamy liquid came out from the head and my first impression was : I love this smell! It smells like a type of shower gel I used when I was a kid. It provoked my blissful childhood memories. The Endless Love Type Shower Gel makes my skin look and feel velvety. This product is a must-buy!

Rating: 5

Please visit countrysoapsbymarlene for more goodies! All of Marlene's 8 oz. gel soaps are now available for $6.00 USD!

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