Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Biology Class

Today, in Biology class, Mr Gunasekaran asked us to cut open a dead fish's head for its gill arch and do a scary frog dissection.

The fish stinks. To be honest, I've never seen the insides of a fish. All I know is to eat it. Not that I like them anyway... They smell fishy! :)

So this is what we got:
Actually, all we do is cut it out without even knowing what is it. When the teacher asks us what is that thing, we say, "Dunno... gills, maybe ?" See, that's how we are.

Next, we cut this frog open. Forgive me for such a small picture. I hate frogs, seriously. After knocking it out with chloroform, Jun Hao and Jaime starts to cut it in vain. Jun Hao began to complaint about the frog's slick and thick skin. I got a pair of operating scissors and handed it to him. I tried to cut a little.

And here's the poor little thing's organs. We didn't really know what they are, just guessing what they might be.
The frog's heart kept on beating, even after the guys pulled his intestines and all out of its body frame. What a tough little guy. At last, despite our protests, Jun Hao cut its heart off. And that's the end of the poor little frog. I decided to name him Freddie the Frog. Rest in peace, Freddie!

Note: I did not harm or kill any of the animals above (except for cutting Freddie not exceeding 0.2 cm in length). I'm sorry you had to die in order to feed our curiosity, Freddie and fish!


wei zhen said...

wow. what a cute name for a frog

Darlyn said...

I love Biology.. Now I miss secondary school. You'll ace this one girl! Hey, I have a blog award to pass on to you. Hope you like it.

libys11 said...

oh gosh.. i remember when i dissected a frog years ago in my bio class.. when i opened the body, you can see the lungs still breathing..

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