Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Love Tamra!

Tamra The Island is going to end next Saturday! I can't wait to watch it!

I love Tamra The Island's main cast!


Im Joo Hwan
We first saw him as Kim Bum’s estranged older brother in last year’s Boys Over Flowers, but unbeknown to many korean drama viewers, this actor has actually been appearing in many dramas including a debut performance in A Love to Kill in 2005. Last year he starred as an arrogant civil servant’s son in fusion comedy Tamra The Island, as Park Kyu along with another promising actress Seo Woo. This little drama that could be didn’t make a dent in the ratings, but with their cute and refreshing acting, it earned a cult following amongst the fans… with the demand even warranting a director’s cut edition, after several of the planned episodes were cut. He is set to star in musical drama What’s Up, with Big Bang member Daesung later this year.


Seo Woo
One look at this actress, and you wouldn’t even peg her for one that takes on daring roles on screen. She charmed viewers when she played the bubbly island lass Beojin in relatively unknown drama called Tamra, The Island, but her performance in such a series that had an almost cult following brought her luck in the silver screen, bagging roles in films such as artsy thriller The Housemaid, where she trades some dramating chops with none other than Korea’s Cannes Queen — Jeon Do Yeon, after a successful role in the seductive dark film Paju. She currently stars in a highly rated melodrama as spoiled rich girl in Cinderella Unni.


whitney said...

Nice drama! :D
I prefer William XD

ng said...

wow~~u're so into the k-drama,aik...btw...handsome guy <3

Aik said...

@whitney: At the beginning I chose William over Kyu too, but William gets more and more selfish in the later episodes and will do anything in order to be together with Beo Jin. But Kyu is the one who silently loves Beo Jin and looks at her from far, because he thinks that she doesn't like him. Sad, and romantic. Did you see his expression when Beo Jin said she hated him? OMG, I feel like hugging him, that poor guy.

@Ng: Yeah, I know. I never knew he was Yi Jung's brother in Boys Over Flowers! How could I miss spotting such a handsome guy?! Maybe I only have my eyes on Goo Jun Pyo at that time.

Corner Mystery said...

hello friends ^_^, nice to know u

S and O said...

This looks like a cool show.
I'll have to check it out :D

Ruby Clover said...

ooh lovely post, thanks for the tips!!