Monday, April 18, 2011

Sickness and Death?

Today, I smell blood in my nasal cavity. I have been suffering from sinustis for quite a long time, and every time I blow my nose, I know something bad is going to happen. I have an excessive production of mucus in my nasal cavity which blocks my air passageway everyday. Sometimes they become half-solid half-liquid and coagulates in my nose. Imagine having to breathe through your mouth the whole time.

I've a perception that it is caused by micro-parasites or whatever the bug/virus is called. When it spreads all over my head, then I'll be dead. I don't think I will live long. Really.


FreedomBird said...

Don't worry, YOu will surely live longer than me =D

Lily said...

try the inhaler ? the stick -like thing which you can buy from pharmacies, it helps clear the stuffy noses.

Keep Faith,

Anonymous said...

Try yoga