Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm so sorry to have neglected my blog for such a long time! I was busy with the SPM trials and was desperately trying to stuff my brain with equations, theories, biology facts, experimental procedures... The brain-space-consuming task has finally taken a toll on me. I'm starting to have the symptoms of flu, again.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Penang Hill and the Logos Hope Floating Book Fair 2011 with my family except for my dad because he claims that one-day trips are very tiring.

Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia.

Popular with foreigners and locals, the railway service, which started in 1923, is still a top attraction for those who want to chug along the beautiful hill. There is a resort atop the hill for those who want to savour a bird’s eye view of Penang island and take in the splendour and beauty of this place.

Can't believe I'm going on a ride in this mini-train tomorrow! Yes!
OMG. I'm so excited! Tomorrow I'm going on this beautiful ship! I can't wait to see the titles in stock. Note to self: Prepare lots of money so that I can buy many books!

I'll make another post when I return from the trip. So, stay tuned for juicy details! *clears throat* I mean, interesting tidbits! :)

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