Friday, October 7, 2011

In My Mailbox

Three French books arrived in my mailbox today. Great! But there's one teeny-weeny problem. My French is not that good. Initially, I thought I was going to receive one book only, but I discovered three in the package the Paperback Dolls sent me!

Curious about what I got?

The first three books of the FRENCH EDITION of Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series:

Merci beaucoup, Dolls!


FairyWhispers said...

tht's so cool,

Can u read French?

FairyWhispers said...

btw, how long did it take to arrive? Did u get it from the publisher or the blog itself?

Aik said...

I'm still a learner. I can read only a little at this moment. The dolls personally sent the books to me. They mailed the package on the 27th of September.

FairyWhispers said...

Thank you for your reply.

Good luck in learning French1

Karen Howard said...

Ah, I love reading and just got a nook to better indulge my addiction! Hugs, Karen
P.S. I've candy on my blog!