Monday, September 26, 2011

Back from Penang

Hi there, I'm back from Penang! Couldn't say the bus seat was enjoyable. The constant bumping made my neck ache. And it turned out that I'm riding the new transit to the top of Penang Hill, which is something that looks like this...

instead of the quaint little train I originally imagined...

...but at least the new train is air-conditioned and moves faster.

Next, we went to the Logos Hope, a very huge ship with many handsome and pretty crews / foreigners who, I suspect are all Christians doing a missionary jobs on board the ship. The entrance fee was RM 1 for every adult. I spotted some handsome Europeans (can't blame me for my special ability to spot a good-looking guy from 10 metres away, I'm a girl after all) and many welcoming, friendly crew members, especially the plump but pretty lady at the counter.

There are a lot of books, but most of them are Christian novels, which I usually avoid reading, as from past experience, I found them to be preachy and talk too much about religion. In the end, I bought only three books.
Face of Betrayal
#3: A
I've read Girl, Stolen by April Henry before, and she sure can write a good mystery. That's why I bought the first two books of Triple Threat. The dictionary is to help me translate some French words I found in Anna and The French Kiss, which I'm halfway through.

Later, at Queensbay mall, we girls had a great time shopping! I bought 3 X-Girl T-shirts for RM50. I really appreciate the unique graphic designs on certain T-shirts. Both of my sisters bought themselves a pair of B.U.M. sneakers each. My cousin, Ann, got herself a pretty cool black hat and a FAITH bracelet.

Overall, I think this trip is rather enjoyable, despite the fact that I suffered a severe headache and my neck aches like hell after getting off the bus.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm so sorry to have neglected my blog for such a long time! I was busy with the SPM trials and was desperately trying to stuff my brain with equations, theories, biology facts, experimental procedures... The brain-space-consuming task has finally taken a toll on me. I'm starting to have the symptoms of flu, again.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Penang Hill and the Logos Hope Floating Book Fair 2011 with my family except for my dad because he claims that one-day trips are very tiring.

Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia.

Popular with foreigners and locals, the railway service, which started in 1923, is still a top attraction for those who want to chug along the beautiful hill. There is a resort atop the hill for those who want to savour a bird’s eye view of Penang island and take in the splendour and beauty of this place.

Can't believe I'm going on a ride in this mini-train tomorrow! Yes!
OMG. I'm so excited! Tomorrow I'm going on this beautiful ship! I can't wait to see the titles in stock. Note to self: Prepare lots of money so that I can buy many books!

I'll make another post when I return from the trip. So, stay tuned for juicy details! *clears throat* I mean, interesting tidbits! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Malacca: Malaysia’s historical gem

#1 The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum (Photo credit:

This building is typical of the 19th century Baroque-style homes of wealthy Chinese families. Furnished with Chinese rosewood furniture with a mix of Chinese, Victorian and Dutch designs, this museum was the ancestral home of three generations of a Baba Nyonya family.

Admission Fee: RM8 (Adult), RM4 (Children)

#2 Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary
Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary (Photo credits: S.Tan)

Lovers of nature should not miss this out. The Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary is reputed to be the largest netted butterfly park and insect garden in the world. The farm houses more than 200 local butterfly species as well as a wide variety of exotic snakes and other creepy crawlies.

Admission fee: RM5 (Adult), RM3 (Children) - Malaysian resident
Admission fee: RM10 (Adult), RM5 (Children) - Non-resident

#3 Jonker Street
Jonker Street (Photo credit:

Jonker Street or Jalan Hang Tuah is sprinkled with antique shops selling an interesting array of authentic artifacts some dated as far back as 300 years and can be found amongst a host of interesting collectibles, each with its own history and mystery.

#4 Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum (Photo credit:

The Maritime Museum is housed in a replica of Flor de la Mar, a Portugese vessel that sank off the coast of Melaka. Inside the museum are model ships, authentic maps, charts and old iron chests that were once used to store precious cargo.

Admission fee: RM3 (Adult), RM1 (Children)

<>#5 Porta de Santiago
Porta de Santiago (Photo credit:

The Portugese admiral, Alfonso d' Albuquerque, built Porta de Santiago or A'Famosa in 1511. However this fortress was badly damaged during the Dutch invasion 1641. Sir Stanford Raffles, a British official, intervened in 1808 and saved what remains of A'Famosa today.

Admission is free.

#6 Melaka River Cruise
Melaka River Cruise (Photo credit: Rachel Yap)

The 45-minute Melaka River Cruise passes through the downtown area where you can see old warehouses, shop houses, bridges and Kampung Morten, a traditional Malay village.

Fare: RM10 (Adult), RM5 (Children)

#7 Taming Sari Tower
Taming Sari Tower (Photo credit: Tien Soon at
A 360 degrees view of Bandar Hilir and its environs awaits you at 110m high Taming Sari Tower. The name and design of this tower was inspired by the taming sari dagger, the legendary weapon owned by the Malay warrior, Hang Tuah.

Admission fee: RM20 (Adult), RM10 (Children)

#8 The Stadthuys
The Stadthuys (Photo credit:

The Studthuys is the most imposing relic of the Dutch rule in Malacca. It features salmon red walls, heavy wooden doors and wrought-iron hinges. Once the official residence of the Dutch governors and their officers, it now houses the Museum of History and Ethnography.

Admission fee: RM5 (Adult), RM2 (Children)

#9 Trishaw rides
Trishaw rides (Photo credits: S.Tan)
Photo credits: S.Tan

Lean back and enjoy a ride in one of the city's most interesting old-school mode of transportation. Located at The Studthuys, these quirkily decorated trishaws will take you through a discovery venture around Malacca city.

Fare: Rental is based on hourly or distance covered basis.

#10 Pure Bar
Pure Bar (Photo credit: Pure Bar)

It's hard to miss Pure Bar with its bright blue neon sign and music thumping from its speakers. Chock-full on the weekends, the upstairs is a swanky nightclub with live bands performing, whilst the downstairs is a pulsating bar.

Source: MSN Malaysia