Monday, February 13, 2012

Annoyed :/

I have a friend, an ex-classmate who was in the same primary school with me. A few days ago, she messaged me on Facebook, asking for my handphone number. I didn't suspect anything and gave her my number. And that's where my trouble starts.

Turns out, this friend of mine is involved in MLM (Multi-level marketing) or in other words, direct selling. She continues to bug me day and night, explaining that she wants to share what she learns from the company with me. I politely declined, but she's like a mite that won't get off your scalp. I am working 9 hours a day, for Pete's sake, and I am definitely NOT interested in direct selling, but she keeps on pestering me.
Yesterday at 11 o'clock in the night, she called me. Again.

So, she asked me why I'm avoiding her. In the name of God, it's so obvious, do you even have to ask?

She continued to ramble on about how she admires me. Hell, yeah.
It's why she decided to introduce me to direct selling. Excuse me, but haven't I told you a dozen times that I'm not interested? Can't you just get off me and find someone else to pester?,1266080979,2/stock-vector-brain-smiling-46587178.jpg
She said that she wants to share her experience with me 'cos I'm clever and will understand her. Yeah, that's exactly why I'm avoiding you like the plague. 'Cos I have brains.
And, as if to strengthen her point, she said, that's why I won't be sharing my experiences with a group of beggars, 'cos they are stupid and they won't understand what I'm saying anyway. Hey, girl. I don't care if you're sharing with a group of beggars or otherwise. I don't even care if you're talking to stuffed animals. And, for your information, beggars are not stupid. Stop insulting them because they are impoverished.

Later, she insisted that she will be coming over to my house on Saturday. I didn't have the heart to reject her, 'cos I know that she'll come anyway.

OK, fine. Come over then, I said.

She seemed to sense my displeasure and continued with her fake saccharine tone, I just want to be friends with you again. It has been so long since we last met. Oh, yeah, like I'd believe you. Six years of no communication at all - and all of a sudden you want to be my good friend. Give me three reasons why I should trust you. And just so you know, friendship isn't based on money and benefits, it's based on a true heart and sincerity. Please don't use friendship as an excuse to trick me into becoming your branch into prosperity, 'cos that ain't gonna happen.


Hi! I am LiLi! said...

I had the same experience with a distant cousin whom I've never met in my life except in Facebook.

So annoying. He kept on telling me that I can have a car from the sales in a month. Duh! As if I believe that lie.

Aik said...

Hi LiLi, thanks for dropping by! The main thing with direct sales is that they try to brainwash you into thinking that you can earn big bucks.

Elizabeth said...

I was wondering how you were able to post pictures with your posts without having to post the url. I'm new to blogging so I have no idea how to do that.Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks so much!

Aik said...

Hi Elizabeth, I tried to post the HTML format here, but blogger rejected it, so I'm going to show you a link to the tutorial:

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