Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are You Asian Or Not?

All Things Asian

I read something on iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books. Basically, it's just a joke on how Asian you are. So, here's my test result:
  1. You wear glasses.
  2. You eat rice for most meals.
  3. You keep a straight-A report card. Anything else would result in disownment.
  4. You have your sights set on Harvard. Anything else would result in family dishonor.
  5. You play piano. Or violin. Or both.
  6. You listen to k-pop.
  7. Sushi? Raw fish? BRING IT ON.
  8. Speed limits are trivial things.
  9. You tark Engrish rike this.
  10. You often say "Too expensive!!!" or "I'll wait until it is cheaper."
  11. Pokemon is your life.
  12. Chopsticks are basically extensions of your fingers.
  13. Your email address ends in an "8."
  14. You have anime marathons. (Sleep? What's that?)

I got 7 out of 14. Does that mean I'm only half-Asian? :)

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