Friday, May 25, 2012

Are Perfectly Symmetrical Faces More Attractive?

That may be the case for some people who are blessed with the perfect features, like:

angelina jolie
Angelina Jolie

Lee Young Ae

Liu Yifei

Song Hye Kyo

Kim Tae Hee

Slightly asymmetrical face can be pretty too:

Sun Fei Fei

There are times when a symmetrical face is not equivalent to beauty. Here's an example using my own photo. This is my (original) face:

And these are my symmetrical faces:

Dr. Seung-chul Rhee of South Korea noted that slightly asymmetrical faces are more attractive than perfectly symmetrical ones. To prove that, he created the symmetrical top faces (top row below) from the attractive but asymmetical face below them.
Symmetrical faces (top left and top right) are less attractive than the asymmetrical lower face.
“Some Caucasians like Asian faces but others prefer the Caucasian composite face that I made,” he said. Asians also varied preferences when considering what’s attractive, Rhee said.

“It is very absurd … trying to decide which composite face is more attractive,” he said. “It depends on the rater’s own preference.”

So what do you think?


Lavanya said...

It completely depends on the way we view. One's choice u see :)
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Aik said...

Hi Lavanya, I checked out your giveaway yesterday, but it's for US only. I'm in Malaysia and have no friends/relatives in the states, so I'll have to pass the chance. Thanks for letting me know about it, though!

Elicia C. said...

LOL! I cracked up looking at the right symmetrical side of your face and the comparison with Sammo Hung!! How did you make the symmetry photos?o.O

Aik said...

I use paint: copy, flip vertically and paste. No photoshop skills, unfortunately!