Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life in UM

It's not easy being a student in law fac, and I doubt it will ever be. However, things are actually up to us to decide and manage, so (hopefully) I will develop a system to help me sort stuff out ASAP.

To summarise my days:
1. MHS facilitators shouted for no reason, but somehow I found that funny. (crazy me!!!)
2. The treatment we received during MHS was a peanut compared to law fac orientation's melon.
3. Law fac orientation was hell at first, but it ended with laughter and happiness.
4. I got a very wise and understanding buddy, his name is James. I'm sharing buddies with Yi Xian, who is super helpful and nice. :)
5. Even though I told my mom I won't be going out often, I went to Midvalley in the second week (with Rina, Nor and Zhi Khung) and Pavillion in the third week (with my Matriculation old mates + Bi Qin).
6. I had my first Korean dinner with Da Jie (Winn Li, my roomate who is exactly one year and a day older than me!) and Da Jie's Da Jie.
7. Everyone in law fac is so hardworking it scares me! I sleep at 11 at night, wake up at 7, while my friends sleep at midnight at wake up at dawn.
8. I read my assignments, but I don't really understand them.
9. I love blogging, but I don't have much time, really.
10. It's gonna be even busier as days go by, I hope I can survive!

Off to study!

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