Saturday, November 23, 2013

Online Shopping @ Zalora

This is my first time shopping at Zalora! There was some problem with the internet earlier, so the payment got rejected halfway through. Then when we went back to Zalora's page, it wouldn't let us use the coupons, so Rina and I had to start all over again by getting another new account under her name. And we chose payment on delivery as our option because we're worried it might not get through again the second time.

Cross Back Skater Dress   
Bought the EZRA Cross Back Skater Dress for RM30.11 (size S)

Basic Pumps with Ankle Strap
AND the EZRA Basic Pumps with Ankle Strap for RM35.21 (EU size 36)

Can't wait for them to arrive! :) 
Will post updates once I receive them!
P/S: I'M OFFICIALLY BROKE! I intended to buy more, but considering my lack of funds, I only bought these two. First-time customers, you can go to the Try It To Like It page to check out some great deals. Repeat customers, get someone else to sign up and buy with them if you want to get the discount. I recommend you to use the ZLX25 coupon code. I don't know why but the prices that came out with this one is the cheapest among all the coupon codes. (Yes, Rina and I tested one by one.)

Zalora offers free shipping in Malaysia on orders RM75 and above.


Chiara T. said...

Like shoes that you selected becasue looks really comfortable!
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zunair said...

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