Sunday, March 9, 2014

JollyChic Review

Western Falbala Decorate Cheap Blouses For Women Green Blue

Price: JollyChic's items are slightly expensive, but it's on par with other China-based shopping websites. Rest assured that you get what you paid for.

Shipping: The shipping was fast (within a week). The casing of the heels I ordered were slightly damaged, but thankfully the contents are fine. 

Product Quality: I'm happy to say that the quality of the items positively exceeded my expectations. The materials are very good, and there isn't any chemical smell on the clothes. I initially ordered the lace jumpsuit as you can see above, but it ran out of stock. So I had it replaced with a pair of black shorts. Did I tell you how much I love those shorts? They are not only stylish and comfortable (with a side zipper), even the fabric is top-notch.

Customer Service: I mistakenly clicked on the order tab the first time, but thankfully their customer service department was helpful enough to cancel it and allow me to re-order. I also confirmed the sizes of the clothes and they are helpful to let me know the accurate measurements.

Verdict: I'm very satisfied with my purchases from JollyChic, and will definitely shop again if I have some extra bucks!

Recommendation: Make your site free shipping worldwide, no minimum purchase! I'll shop there all the time if this happens.

Outfit inspirations:
 Model is US4, UK8, International S.

 Model is US4, UK8, International S.
Left - Top | Bottom
Right - Top | Bottom
1 - Dress from Dees | Clutch from Loft Bangkok | Heels from JollyChic
2 - Dress from Times Square | Heels from JollyChic
3 - Top from Asiatique | Shorts from Padini | Sandals from Nichii
4 - Romper from Thailand | Heels from Zalora

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Holly said...

What a great website! I looked around a bit, and I spotted a cute galaxy skirt I might need to buy.