Friday, May 9, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review
Born Pretty Store sells nail art, jewelry and accessories, cell phone and tablet accessories, watches, stationery and toys and many many more. Basically it's a fashion bazaar that offers high quality products at a wholesale price. And best of all, it's free shipping worldwide! Any fashionista would not be able to say no to this. ;)

BPS is mainly focused on nail art supplies, and if you Google it, you'll find that many nail art enthusiasts actually have written reviews on the samples provided to them. Not many have reviewed their jewelry and accessories, which is why my review may be helpful to you! :)

I was given the chance to pick two items from Born Pretty Store for a review. And true to its name, there are so many pretty items for me to choose from that I had a hard time selecting only two, but I finally settled on the Infinity Necklace and Spiked Necklace.

These are taken by myself, with a little colour tweaking to make it more similar to the actual tones.

The Infinity Necklace is a piece of dainty-looking necklace that makes the wearer look feminine and demure. Gold basically matches any colour combo, but it's best paired up with pastel or light colour clothes as they will bring the best out of you! The superior quality of the necklace was quite unexpected, considering the price of only USD $0.99! Where else on earth can you get such a good deal?
The spiked necklace is hands down my favourite item from the Jewelry and Accessory section in Born Pretty Store. Not only the design rocks, the rhinestones that adorn the chain make it elegant enough to wear in formal occasions with a hint of bold personality. Quality wise, you can expect it to be something from Forever 21. The gold tone has a lovely sheen that makes it look more expensive than it really is. However, after a week of use, I notice the backing of the rhinestones seem to have tarnished a little. But the front of the necklace still looks glamorous as ever, and I'm totally loving it!

Wearing both the necklaces together to give you a better view of its size and design.

  • Product design 5 
  • Price 4.000 (while some are cheap, some are quite pricey too!) 
  • Shipping 5  (it's free worldwide!)
  • Product quality 4.000  
Remember this outfit? I was actually wearing the spike necklace from Born Pretty Store! Can't get enough of this prettiness? Visit Born Pretty Store today! 

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