Friday, April 24, 2015

Nivea Flaunt It. Firm & Fair with Adam Saaks

I won 2 VIP tickets to Nivea's Fashion Show featuring Adam Saaks. Initially we planned to head to Midvalley at 6.30pm cos we were worried about the traffic jam, but Mieyna got stuck in traffic jam prior to that so we only started going at 7.30pm! Then Mieyna said we can use the jalan belakang (back road) leading to Midvalley. We ended up somewhere near Bangsar and successfully got lost and had to make a detour. When we reached Midvalley, it's already 8pm and the show's  already starting, so we didn't get to sit at the VIP seats. :/

The registration counter
Model showing the latest products from Nivea skincare range.

Adam Saaks

Introducing Adam Saaks, who came all the way from LA!

Yasmin Hani
Yasmin Hani showing her finished cut

Emely Poon

Emely Poon!
Emely's starting cut.
Emely Poon getting her back cut from Adam Saaks!
Emely looks a bit nervous haha
Emely's finished look - quite conservative, I'd say

Model's Cut
In progress
Sexy front view! Basically nothing is spared except for the boobs part haha
Side view 
Back view

After the Show
After the show, we were treated to some refreshments! 

Photos with the Stars

With Adam Scissor Hands
With Emely Poon
Overall it was quite a fun and enjoyable night of both of us. My only regret is that I didn't wear the right type of clothes that would allow me to go onstage to have my own cut! :'(

Nivea's really generous with their door gifts. Check out what's in my goodie bag:

Thanks a lot, Nivea Malaysia!

That's all for today. 
Nite, my darlings.

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