Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I took the toefl iBT test on 18th April (Saturday) at Guidance View Midvalley Bouvelard Offices. The test took approximately 4 hours in total, starting at 9am and ending at 1pm. If you finish early you can leave early.

IMPORTANT: Go to the loo before test starts!

The test started with reading (4 passages, 42 questions) then followed by listening. For listening there were quite many passages, I don't remember how many cos I was busy taking down notes and answering questions in order to enter the rest session ASAP to go to pee! You have no idea how desperate I was. You will be given a 5 minute computer-automated break after two sections. Then it was speaking and finally writing.

It wasn't that hard, but it is best to look through the sample tests available online to familiarize yourself with the format of the test. Speaking requires a bit of practice to make sure you clearly state the important points within 45 seconds. I would suggest the following:

1 sentence - introduction
2 sentences - main point + elaboration
2 sentences - second point + elaboration (if time permits)
1 sentence - conclusion

I didn't really do well, sometimes the time ended before I even finish speaking / make clear my points, but the examiners were kind to me - they awarded me 27/30, which I think is really high.

You will be given one hour for writing, just make sure your essay flows, and best if you have at least 2 main points in it.

This is my overall score for your reference. I got 112/120, which is quite good lah! Thank God for the good results.


1. My Chinese name is Lim La La, how should I fill in my first and last names when I sign up?
I don't know about other countries, but in Malaysia our test authorities are familiar with Chinese names, so you can just fill in as below:

First name / Given name: La La
Last name / Family name: Lim

In your TOEFL iBT page you will see your ID as La La Lim, but it does not affect your registration / scores.

2. What documents should I bring for the test?
Passport and/or ID, depending on the requirements. Read the rules again clearly. 

3. What time should I arrive at the test center on THE DAY?
I'm not sure about other offices, but Guidance View opens at 8.20am in the morning, so I suggest you to be there latest by 8.30am to be safe if you take it at GV. If you're afraid that you can't find it, better go there once earlier to survey the grounds - that's what I did.

For other test venues, make a phone call to the office and ask for the time students are required to be there. And again, survey the grounds beforehand if you are not sure.

4. Can I drink water during the test?
In GV, we are allowed to put the water tumblers on the table.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below, I will try my best to answer you!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Nivea Flaunt It. Firm & Fair with Adam Saaks

I won 2 VIP tickets to Nivea's Fashion Show featuring Adam Saaks. Initially we planned to head to Midvalley at 6.30pm cos we were worried about the traffic jam, but Mieyna got stuck in traffic jam prior to that so we only started going at 7.30pm! Then Mieyna said we can use the jalan belakang (back road) leading to Midvalley. We ended up somewhere near Bangsar and successfully got lost and had to make a detour. When we reached Midvalley, it's already 8pm and the show's  already starting, so we didn't get to sit at the VIP seats. :/

The registration counter
Model showing the latest products from Nivea skincare range.

Adam Saaks

Introducing Adam Saaks, who came all the way from LA!

Yasmin Hani
Yasmin Hani showing her finished cut

Emely Poon

Emely Poon!
Emely's starting cut.
Emely Poon getting her back cut from Adam Saaks!
Emely looks a bit nervous haha
Emely's finished look - quite conservative, I'd say

Model's Cut
In progress
Sexy front view! Basically nothing is spared except for the boobs part haha
Side view 
Back view

After the Show
After the show, we were treated to some refreshments! 

Photos with the Stars

With Adam Scissor Hands
With Emely Poon
Overall it was quite a fun and enjoyable night of both of us. My only regret is that I didn't wear the right type of clothes that would allow me to go onstage to have my own cut! :'(

Nivea's really generous with their door gifts. Check out what's in my goodie bag:

Thanks a lot, Nivea Malaysia!

That's all for today. 
Nite, my darlings.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Starbucks Summer Preview 2015

I won free passes to the Starbucks Summer Preview 2015 at Nexus, Bangsar South. I was told to bring along 3 friends - which was a bit hard since it was mid-sem break, but finally I managed to get Elicia, Anis and Dawson to join. Not knowing what to expect since it's our first time, but I somehow had the feeling we will be sampling their new drinks.

And yes, we were certainly caught on the official camera:
Before it starts. Our location is really very strategic, every time the photographer took pictures we would somehow be included in the frame (a head, a hand or side view). And we definitely look like a bunch of giggling idiots happy kids waiting for the candies.

1st drink: African Kitamu
African Kitamu Coffee
It's really bitter! I don't really like it, but we were told that it costs RM40/kg, so better sip it clean hahaha I'm such a cheapo. The Starbucks person then told us that there is actually a special way to taste coffee.

First, cover 3/4 of the cup with your hand, then take a deep breathe, fill your nostrils with the rich aroma of coffee. Then, take a sip and roll it a bit in your mouth before swallowing.

I tried it, but nothing special happened. Still the same bitter water hahaha.

But the good news is we're allowed to take this mini cup back as a memorabilia!

Then there was lucky draw, fashion walk featuring their new tumblers and finally, introducing their new beverage! Secretly I thought that they are going to let us sample a bit of it by putting some in the small cup just now, but then, ta-DAH! We got 2 medium-sized cups, one flavour each! Starbucks is awesome!

We were so happy we couldn't stop smiling.
Kids are just so easy to please.

2nd drink: Dark Mocha Panna Cotta
Dark Mocha Panna Cotta
I really loved this drink, it doesn't have the bitter taste of the traditional coffee, but is rich in flavour and surprisingly chocolaty!

3rd drink: Summer Berry Panna Cotta
Summer Berry Panna Cotta
Elicia loved this one - it tastes fruity, with some yogurt-like, creamy texture. 

We had a great night at Starbucks that day. After sampling the drinks, we went to Bumbung for dinner. And we still couldn't get over how enjoyable the day was. Thank you Starbucks for this wonderful opportunity to taste the drinks!

My OOTN with Starbucks Beverages

Left: Dark Mocha Panna Cotta Frappuccino
Right: Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino

And, on a side note, our photo won the BEST PHOTO CONTEST! I'd say it's a pretty good consolation since none of us were lucky enough to win the lucky-draw Starbucks tumblers.

Grab your Starbucks Summer Beverages starting from tomorrow (23 April)!