Friday, June 17, 2016

Hermo Makes Me Spit Fire

Last year I didn't manage to get the goodie bag from Hermo because I missed the sale which started on 12th June 2016. However, I still spent around RM350 for acne treatment products. I had a severe case of acne this time last year, and my face is full of toxic little bumps. Out of worry I bought many different types of products but none of them worked. It was a nightmare for me. I was finally healed by a beautician who squeezed all the 'dirt' from my pores but that's a story for another day.

So back to Hermo's anniversary sale on 12th June 2016. I decided to get myself some b.liv stuff, because I received a sample pack last time for off with the heads blackhead remover and a piece of absolute matte mask, and I totally loved the mask. I swear it's the only mask that actually gives you instant effects: matte and glowing skin! And no residue or oiliness is detected thereafter. So I decided to splurge on b.liv products this year. But Hermo's marketing strategy makes me spit fire of hatred I think I won't be buying from them anymore in the future unless there's some awesome deals.

1. They are opportunistic merchants looking to squeeze the most money out of your pocket.
I placed my order on 12th June 2016 and got a free bag (for first 3000 customers) along with a free gift for a new account. I forgot my old account's password, so I created a new account with my umail. 

Note that I bought both the B.liv Squeaky Clean [beads cleansing gel] 130ml and B.liv Glow and Shine [skin smoothening mask] 50ml for RM35.38 each.

Yesterday, when I checked, both of them are reduced to RM26.50! O.O

Like I just lost 8.88*1.06=9.50*2=RM19 on your products in just 4 days! Arghhhhhhh! Why didn't you give us this price when I bought on 12th? This is unfair to early customers.

Congrats, Hermo! I'm officially pissed.

2. Misleading coupon discounts

See how their tagline says RM100 off RM130? That RM100 is actually separated into 5 different RM20 coupons which require a high minimum spend each. That said, you don't actually get any benefit from it, since you have to first spend RM130 to get the RM100, which then requires you to spend more. If you were to use the RM100, you have to spend 130+150+180+150+150+180=RM940! Think about it, RM100 of RM940 isn't that much of a discount pun (100/940*100=10.6% discount only). =.= 

Moreover, you can only use the codes AFTER the anniversary period, when all the prices will skyrocket. Seriously, what's the point, Hermo? 

3. Insincere refund policy

Wah what do you mean items bought during Anniversary are not returnable? So if something is wrong with the items also case is indisputable? Man, your grades have sunk.

4. Limit on coupon usage

This year they have this Fast Finger Game, if you tap >80 times in 12 seconds, you get a RM5 off voucher (no min spend) and if  >120 times in 12 seconds, you get RM12 off RM120. 

Since I was buying RM130+, I thought the RM12 voucher would do me more good, so I asked my friend to help me click (she's really good, she has God-like fingers lol). So I got all my stuff, added a RM6 deal into my cart, and it said my discount was NOT applicable on the deal, and hence inapplicable to my whole order. Like wtf? 

So? My other RM130 worth of product also cannot apply discount meh? What a stupid policy. I buy all the other full priced items, can't you just reduce RM12 from there and exclude the RM6 deal from the discount? It's only a frigging 7% discount out of my total order. Come on lah!

In the end I had to delete my RM6 deal and be gone with only my b.liv products. I was really pissed.

5. Free shipping? Think again!

The free shipping offer does not include their X-OMO deals and RM6.1.2 sections. And there's a stupid limit saying you can only buy one item from one batch of X-OMO and RM6.1.2 sections. 

So, what's the point? I ain't gonna pay shipping for only ONE item that originally cost RM9.90 but now worth RM2 if I have to pay RM6.80 for the shipping! That's only RM1.10 difference from the original pricing anyways. I had better wait for better sales from other beauty websites. 


If you think you're getting an awesome deal at Hermo, you might be wrong. They used to be good, but they are starting to suck. Such childish, insincere marketing efforts might seem profitable temporarily, but in the long run customers are gonna choose better options over them. If you are searching for Korean beauty products, Althea might be a better pick over Hermo. 

My conclusion is I will only buy from Hermo in the future if there are crazy discounts with no strings attached. Mark my words, Hermo: playing with too many strings will make you trip yourself.

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