Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Axiata ULDP 2016 (Part 1)

It all started with the Facebook Ad which kept popping up on my timeline, when I was still in America. 

After seeing it for maybe 3 times, I finally clicked into it to see what it's all about. Then, I found out that it's a 14-day camp for nurturing future leaders. Hmm, sounds interesting, but I needed more details. My first thought? I'm gonna join this camp, get a good story and write an article. Looking at the dateline, I still have time to apply after I return to Malaysia, so I bookmarked the page for application later.

I started snooping around for more details, mainly by asking my good friend Mr. Google. Then, I found several blog posts regarding this camp, which led to 3 bloggers/past attendees of the camp. Then, I used FB to track these people down, sending messages to all 3, but only one person replied. If you're reading this, yes, that's you Ken. (Ken is now my friend. LOL.)

Fast forward to post-submission, I received a call on Friday asking me to go down to Axiata Tower for an interview on the following Monday. But I was working for my attachment (I nego-ed with boss to have it done earlier cos I have plans to get diving license in Redang in August if ULDP plan fails), so I unabashedly asked for a telephone interview instead. (See how much balls I have?)

On an afterthought, I regretted it because it kinda made me sound like I wasn't interested at all. So I emailed them saying I will take a one-day leave to attend the interview in person, but the organizer replied saying, "no need, everything is arranged (for phone interview)." So alarms started ringing in my head, crying out "you're dead! you're dead! you're dead!"

On Monday, the interviewer called on time, and asked me questions like: 

1. Tell us about your leadership experience
2. One achievement in leadership
3. If there's one thing you can change, what would it be?

I bullshitted my way through prepared a set of bullet-points with whatever I think I wrote in the application earlier, but I was nervous and there was a lot of grammar mistakes. I'm not a good speaker, so naturally some kind of preparation is required.

At the end of the interview, I asked when will we be getting the results, and she said, next week.

Two weeks passed and I didn't hear anything from them. I made plans for Redang. UM organized a camp for diving license at Redang for RM800. BUT they later increased it to RM1000, so plan cancelled.

While I was wondering what to do with my life, I received an email from Axiata saying I was selected for the camp.

My first response: I must be a backup cos someone couldn't go. Cos it has been 3 weeks since the phone interview. 

My second thought: Oh well, since I got chosen.. might as well go!

*Please forgive my grammar mistakes, if any. I'm not checking what I wrote cos I'm sleepy. Do let me know if you find any though. Thanks!

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