Friday, September 15, 2017

Words Can't Explain How Stressed Out I Am

I've been squatting for almost a week.

Life goes on as usual, with some drama from advo class, hope we get it settled tomorrow.

Even though my friends are willing to allow me to squat, the room is only so big and can only fit so many people - in the long run it's definitely not a good idea. Right now some of my stuff are still in the car as I don't want to crowd the space here.

I can finally experience how it's like to be homeless (but actually I'm much better as I have a roof on my head), without a place you can finally come back and rest without thinking what will happen next.

I've started searching for rooms. KK administration is cold and harsh, they don't give a shit what happens to you. Renting outside is either too expensive, or moderate but comes with an additional cost for parking. I don't know why things are so messed up. Maybe my luck has run out for real.

My face muscles have been bunched up for so long I can feel how tensed they are. Petrol price is hiking - has already hiked 32 cents per litre so far. So this is how penniless feels like.

Like you're more worried what will happen the next day and where you're gonna sleep and what you're gonna eat than advo class drama.

I heard that advo ruins friendships for real. This year is probably gonna be brutal. Like Hunger Games minus the physical massacre.

I have greater things to worry about though, like where I'm going to stay next.

God please help me.

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