Monday, March 26, 2018

Female's #MySuperFemale Workshop

I was really lucky to get the chance to be a part of the MySuperFemale Workshop organized by Female Magazine on 17 March 2018. They had a limit of 50 pax, so I wasn't entirely sure I was going to get invited. I attended the event with my room mate Pei Chi, and we paid RM20 each for pair sign-ups. I wasn't too sure what to expect since there wasn't too much information on the event page except that there was going to be sharing sessions by Shizens, DRFORHAIR and Mixxo. I actually thought it was going to be a women's right/freedom of speech kind of thing, but it was more of a beauty/lifestyle sharing session with some words of wisdom from founder of Shopback Malaysia Ms Sharmeen Looi. The event was held at Element KL, Jalan Binjai. Parking for events are RM10 flat rate after validation.

The first session was conducted by Shizens. Samson was the speaker/makeup artist of the day. He gave us a talk on Shizens products and how we should apply them (tbh there are so many products I ended up forgetting the steps). But I remember their new launch the Aqua Pore Base. See, at least I tried to be attentive! 

Secondly we had DRFORHAIR, a scalp-care brand from Korea. Their products are more towards promoting healthy scalp to help you get healthy and shiny hair. Do you know that even though you wash your hair daily, you'll still have dead skin cells on your scalp? I was seriously grossed out when I saw what was sitting on my head. The spokesperson from DRFORHAIR told me that normal shampoo can't remove them, but they have a special product called the Scaler that does the job. Sorry I was too attentive listening to the talk to remember snapping some pics for this post. But I'm happy to share that I got lucky and won a hair care set from the lucky draw session, woohoo! Thanks DRFORHAIR! I'm gonna use this and write a review in the future. 

For the third session, we had Ezza from MIXXO who taught us some casual/semi-formal styling and layering tips. MIXXO is a Korean fashion brand, and they are currently located at Pavillion and Sunway Velocity Mall. Their clothes are quite nice, but I think the concept of layering clothes is not quite doable in the Malaysian hot weather. Nonetheless, they have some pretty trendy outerwear that I'd love to checkout sometime soon.

Got this Zottis Strawberry Yoghurt from the snack bar, I loved it! So nice!

For lunch, we had this tiny Saus Vide Baby Chicken, which looks great but tasted just alright.

For dessert, we had a low-fat cheesecake. It looks really great, but again the taste was just alright. Maybe a tad bit better than the main dish.

After lunch, we resumed our session with Super Female Ms Sharmeen Looi from Shopback. Her prep talk was really motivating. She said a lot, but what stuck in my mind was, "don't say 'I should have' because it means you haven't grabbed the chance and you're regretting now."

I'm a Shopback user too and I really like how it works - you get a bit of your money spent back by clicking into the shopping website via Shopback. The percentage isn't too high but if you always buy stuff online it's going to add up. If you haven't signed up, here is my referral link. You'll get RM5 upon sign up, and another RM5 upon filling in your particulars.

The final session was a floral arrangement class by Garden of Senses. Sensei is a kind-looking lady with nimble hands and a lovely smile. Most of the participants (me included) were unable to make a nice-looking bouquet and ended up asking for her help. In the afternoon session, miss emcee was trying really hard to elicit a response from the crowd so I tried to be as supportive as possible.

White roses! But tbh I prefer red ones.

Posing with my final product.

So, that was my take on Female's #MySuperFemale Workshop! Overall, this is a really laid-back event that's focused on learning basic beauty/health/fashion/lifestyle tips (stuff that women are generally into). Female's  #MySuperFemale Workshop is proabably going to be an annual event, so stay tuned for it in 2019!

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