Thursday, May 10, 2018

What A Great Day To Be Alive

Yesterday, I was at St Francis casting my vote. The queue at Saluran 7 was so long it took a good 2 hours before it was my turn. The sun was scorching hot. I was lucky I had Mr Aik to buy me iced barley drink from somewhere outside. Even so, people were determined to make their voices heard.

It's a good thing that many first-time voters turned out - it shows that we care. My mom actually opposed the idea of me coming back to vote because according to her, our constituency is PH sure-win area. But who cares what mom says?

My #voteginity

Then comes the polling. As expected, several places experienced blackouts (a common cheating tactic in Malaysian GE). In fact, some people had sarcastically asked TNB the day before something like this:

English translation: Hi TNB, may I ask what time does the blackout start tomorrow?

TNB promising that there will be no blackouts.

TNB apologizing for the blackouts.
But fortunately we have faithful PACA peeps to lookout for possible dishonest activities.

Then comes the polling. It was a close battle between PH and BN, with BN leading at first, then PH, then same number between both parties. It was scary but exciting. But later on, it was clear that PH is going for the win. In my mind, I was thinking, is this possible? Is this for real? BN tried to delay the official announcement, and we heard news of recounting of votes, emergence of fake ballots and SPR refusing to sign the Borang 14. Finally, at close to 4am in the morning, the (suppressed) results were finally out. 

PH and component parties PKR, DAP, Bersatu and Amanah won a clear majority of 113 seats out of 222 seats. Despite the gerrymandering, inconsiderate voting day (on a Wednesday 9th May 2018) and long queues, the Malaysians managed to make their voices heard. Tun M, aged 93, is officially back as the new PM.

This special moment shall be recorded in Malaysian history.

Today, Tun M is supposed to be sworn in as PM but there is a delay. Now Jibby is throwing the task to YDPA to make things hard for Tun M and PH. Perhaps something is brewing below the surface, we don't know yet. But don't play play Jibby. When you lose, admit defeat with honour.

Even the US Dept of State is hinting subtly for Tun M to be sworn in.
In his press conference, Tun M emphasized that Art. 43 provides that the PM must be someone who likely commands the support of the majority the MPs, not party. Tun M is expected to be sworn in by 5pm today. Hopefully everything goes well. 


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