Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Raining

It's raining, it's pouring...A day without sunshine.

The rain comes down from the sky, followed by thunders and lightnings. The sky is dark, dark and dark...

I'm sitting in front of my out-of-date, nearly-dead laptop, reading book reviews. Right now I feel myself small and insignificant compared to the big, big world.

Boredom fills up my mind and soul. Isn't there a chance for me to travel the world?Maybe I'll go for student exchange next year if I have the chance, and skip my PMR.

My dear friends, I miss you all. Especially my girl-friends. And my primary ex-girl-classmates and best buddies...

If I'm wealthy, I'll go sit in a cafeteria and order a mug of coffee and pretend to drink it and ask someone to capture my photo. I like being sentimental sometimes...and do some stupid things.

I don't like to write a lot about myself, and so I'll take the opportunity to express my apologies to anyone who has been hurt by my mean words. I know that I have been an obnoxious girl all the time. So, please forgive my curtness and try to forget any remarks from me that has sliced your heart or hurt you.



mingrenlee1028 said...

嗨,您好,留言在此有点难度,还要SIGN UP GOOGLE BLOGGER,我已SIGN UP,但那里面的部落格只是有个名但没内容的,我真正的部落格是

Aik said...