Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of Year 2008 : Confessions of A Teenage Girl

Today is the 31st of December, which is the last day of year 2008. I want to say a few things right here, including some ''thank-yous'' to those who've helped me and gave me guidance and some confessions about the misdemeanour I've done throughout in these 2 years of teenage life.

I want to say thanks my classmates, especially to Jenny, who is always helpful and caring, to King Mei, for helping me under some circumstances, and to Eleen and Shing Yen, who teaches me how to cut a wooden plane. Next, I want to thank Zhe Lin for helping me in my jobs in English Society, Shi Yun for helping me paste papers and Wai Yuen for lending me her scissors. To Wenni for hiding my liquid paper when there is a spot check. (Don't tell Yiew Kah Yee and Chua Pei Di!) To Ting Hui for her cool jokes and Catherine for always laughing and Wen Ching and Rui Qi for talking to me. Thanks to Xing Ron, Huimin, Zi Xian, Yen Ling and Diong Min for being my classmates.

I want to thank Hao Jie for always carrying his duties out excellently, Chuan Ming for his guidance in Maths, Boon Ming for telling me which Hong Kong Drama is hot at the moment, Wei Zhen for being our leader in Star NIE competition, Hee Woi for burning discs for the English Society and printing scores for me, Kah Yee for being extra responsible as the leader of the prefect society, Ming Yong for borrowing exercise books, Kenny for helping me taking books over to the monitor, Chian Voon for helping my friend in Maths, Yuan Zhang for his funny run(giggles), Wei Luen for his cute apple-like face, Boon Keong for always dozing off, and Moses, Seng Kai, Pei Ern, Jing Yi for being in the same class with me.
Aiyah, I missed Shaw Chuan! Alright, thanks to Shaw Chuan for his funny appearance when he is nervous. Please don't take this as an insult. You really make everyone relax their tensions once in a while in a good way.

And now for the confessions...

Ma, I'm sorry for not doing my household chores and Pa, sorry I didn't get you a birthday card nor a Father's Day Card and same for Ma. Zheng, I'm sorry for...nothing?(In my memory, you're the one always bullying me!) Hui, sorry to scold you to be realistic for dreaming to marry a rich guy when you grow up. (Why, it's possible) And to my dearest baby Jie, sorry for pinching your ever-so-chubby face everyday!

I want to say sorry to Lau Kah Heng (last year's prefect society secretary) for neglecting my jobs. I'm sorry to bluff you that I've no computer at home. I have one, but my printer doesn't work. Anyway, I feel guilty for deceiving you. Sorry...
King Mei, I'm sorry that I slip out one of your secrets without any intentions(accidentally).But now whatever you tell me, it will be deleted the next second, so you can tell me whatever you like.

Kah Yee, I'm sorry that I always skipped my posts last year and not obeying your instructions and kept on reading my books when the exams were near. Sorry...

Jolene, sorry for always making you play two songs every Monday for assembly. I promise I will learn and memorize Komuniti Berilmu ASAP.

Hao Jie, I'm sorry for always being late when handing my homework up and making you wait for me. I won't do that again unless I'm really desperate next time.

Heng Jet, I'm sorry for calling you a loner and always forgetting what's your name.

Hah...I can't remember anyone else...
P/S : Please tell me if I ever get/got on your nerves!

So long...



secret character said...

建文是吗?his malay name is Chian Voon lar...=.=

FreedomBird said...

Wat??? tank me for writing a blog?? dun u have anything else to thank like erm... making u cry. or something bad or gud
dozing off is also good man. and u spelled pei en name wrong.
Hehe gona miss class K. Dono wat it will be like without me. XD
Hope that without my existence the class will still be noisy and fun. especially to moses.boohoo. i'll sure miss moses.

no name said...

cool jokes??....did i???
haha....anyway, u miss one person in ur blog...he's.....SHAW CHUAN...haha

Aik said...

I'll edit my mistakes right now! Thanks for pointing it out.

Wei Luen, do you hope I write something like: Thanks to Wei Luen for all his sarcastic comments and being shy when people compliment him. If you want it like that, I can edit my previous writing.

Oh my god...I missed Shaw Chuan! I'll add him in now!

mingrenlee1028 said...



Aik said...

Maybe I will find my aim of life one day...

Anyway, thanks for your comment.


Aik said...

Ting Hui, what happened to your blog?!

I wanted to ask this a long time ago, but never had the chance.

Please reply me ASAP.

secret character said...

Wei Luen for his cute apple-like face? abit(alot) sad...coz cant on9 father dont giv me on9 edi...say wad PMR tiz year =.= now juz using type timetable for on9...:p

FreedomBird said...

Who R u?? tell me I wanna punch u in the face!!! Im not cute!!!!!!!