Friday, May 8, 2009 : Review and Interview

I have been "keeping an eye" on my mailbox for some time. Finally! I got something today. =D

A parcel by Mark Poulin...It's a good thing he used stamps because I'm a philatelist!

And guess what I have here? A super-cute Aquarians are Original in the little box!

Yipee! I’m so delighted to receive the Aquarians are Original necklace from Mark at because I’m a genuine January baby. Actually, I found out that Mark was born in the month of January too and that my birthday is only a day before his!

Aquarians are Original Necklace ($32.00)

This lovely necklace is made from sterling silver and measuring an inch tall. This necklace ships on a 16 inch cord with a sterling clasp. The design is really simple and nice and I really LOVE it. See, it looks so sweet!

Mark has a huge collection of cute necklaces in his shop and to be frank, I really wanted to have each one of them. Looking at these lovelies makes me recall the daydreams I had had when I was a little girl. Let me tell you a secret…I dreamt that I could fly like Superman by tying a towel to my T-shirt. Shhh…Don’t tell anyone. ><

My interview with Mark:

1. Hi, please introduce and tell me something special about yourself.
My name is Mark Poulin, I live in Oakland California right over the bridge from San Francisco. I love to draw and create cartoon characters. All my designs spring to life from my sketch books. In a lot of ways I am more of a designer than a jeweler, my designs use the simplest form of metalwork to get my drawings into a 3-D world.

2. How was your shop started?
Before jewelry I worked with clay. My pieces where always breaking from earthquakes or wild parties. I decided to take a metal class in hopes of making more durable goods. A friend talked me into taking a jewelry class and I was hooked from the start.

3. Who/What inspires you?
I am inspired by pop culture and low brow art. I love comics, zines, graffiti and fashion.

4. What handmade possession do you most cherish?
Right now, the hat my Mom knitted for my 4 year old.

Orbit girl ($ 26.00)

5. Which items in your shop receive most compliments from customers worldwide?
Orbit Girl seems to appeal to a wide variety of people. You just look at her and your imagination starts to make it's own story about her.

6. Which item from your shop do you like the most? Why?

I'm obsessed with this little monkey right now. He's brand new, kind of off center and clumsy and so cute I can't stand it.

7. How do you promote your Etsy shop?
I have a link from web page, but so far have done well with word of mouth.

8. Make a wish!
Oh I so want to have the time to make t-shirts and stationary and more time for drawing and painting !!

*Do you sell your creations on other websites/places other than Etsy?

for a lot of my rings:

for a lot of my Zodiac:

for fun silver zodiac and dogs and cats :

for pure modern line SFMOMA:

my web page:

If you like creative, meaningful jewelries, you MUST visit!
For me, Mark's creations = Simplicity = Cuteness

You Jerk!!! ( Awww...Please don't be mad. This is the name for these earrings!)

A big thanks to Mark from for this wonderful opportunity! I really LOVE your Aquarians Are Original Necklace! It's ssssooooo cute!

Mark Poulin
6050 Lowell St. #213
Oakland, CA 94608
P/F 510-450-0400


YZ said...

I really like this review. Great interview BTW. Thanks for introducing this shop. The jewellery designs are simple and adorable and the pictures also look very nice. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I love the "You Jerk!" earrings! XD


Best American Arts said...

I love this feature on Mark Poulin's playful animal jewelry. You can find a new gallery of his work at

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Lonnie Brickley said...

Thanks for sharing the review. The necklace designs are very simple and cuteHandmade jewellery.. I really like this feature on Mark Poulin's jewelry.

Simon Reed said...

All the necklaces and earnings look very trendy.Stylish people love to wear these type of beauty products . I specially like your rabbit wishes,aquarians are original necklace,little monkey,hedgehog earrings and orbit girl the most.