Friday, June 5, 2009

Book Review : John's Quest by Cecelia Dowdy

Title: John's Quest
Author: Cecelia Dowdy
A Heartsong Presents title from Barbour Publishing
Publication Date: May 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60260-006-5
Pages: 170

About the author:
Cecelia Dowdy is a world traveler who has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember. When she first read Christian fiction, she felt called to write for the genre.She loves to read, write, and bake desserts in her spare time. She also loves spending time with her husband and her young son. Currently she resides with her family in Maryland.

My review:

The story started when Gina, Monica's sister abandoned her blind son Scotty in front of Monica's doorstep. Monica was not so happy with the presence of her nephew at first, but slowly, a special bond developed between them.

As Gina never bothered much about Scotty's education, Scotty academic results were below grade level. Ms. Lattimore, the principal of Scotty's new school advised Monica to get him a tutor. And so, Monica was introduced to John French, a professor at The University of Maryland, who volunteered to give blind children free tuition. As time passed by, they became more and more attracted to each other. However, Monica was a little troubled by the fact that John was an agnostic.

After some conversation with Monica, John decided to try attending church and soon he started to believe in God. He wanted to join a missionary group to spread the goodness of God and tell agnostics out there to receive Christ. Monica, who was deeply in love with him, couldn't stand to part with him for a year. John consulted a pastor and a missionary member and finally came to a conclusion that he was not ready to join the group yet.

And finally, I bet you know it --- a blissful wedding in a church.

The plot of this story was interesting but quite predictable. However, there was always a 'hidden something', whether it's a secret or something not-so-nice the characters' in the story had endured in their lives. Monica couldn't get over her past relationship with Kevin and John was raised as an agnostic by his parents who were non-believers. The heroin, Monica lacked the courage to admit her real feelings for John for the fear of being rejected again. She was kind and loving towards both her nephew, Scotty and his tutor John, but sometimes she could be bad-tempered or depressive. John, also being hurt by his previous lover, had never fall in love again, until he met Monica.

Actually, I wasn't quite surprised to know about John's agnostic views because in Milk Money, also written by Cecelia Dowdy, the hero Frank was also a non-believer. And of course, the heroins were devout Christians. What I liked about this story is that the characters' personalities were well-described and the non-believers finally received Christ, and eventually found the right paths in their lives. I'm sure Cecelia's fans and those who like reading Christian fiction novels will enjoy this.

My rating : 8/10

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~Thanks to Cecelia for the chance to review this book!~


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Thanks for posting this wonderful review on your blog! I appreciate it!

Rhonda McKnight said...

Very thoughtful review of Cecelia's work.