Saturday, June 20, 2009

Review : Peek-A-Boob Strips

Do you have blouse gap problems? Well, I have to admit I did face this problem and it really made me feel very uncomfortable. So, I started using safety pins, but they did not work out as well as I hoped. Then one day, I found this amazing product --- Peek-A-Boob Strips!

Peek-A-Boob Strips eliminates that gap between buttons on your favorite shirts, hides bra straps, secures wrap style skirts and shirts, secures revealing necklines, or just a quick fix for a hemline.”

Ashley at Peek-A-Boob Strips sent me a sample for this review and I was so eager to try it out. The strips really did the job --- they just eliminate the gaps and hide my bra straps easily! I love using the Peek-A-Boob Strips! They are really a girl's best friend! Plus, the strips are easy-to-use and they are packed in a hot pink tin that is specially designed to fit your purse. So, you can bring them anywhere you like!

In the unique pink tin, you will find 30 Clear Double Stick Strips. The price for this set is $8.89 ea. Peek-A-Boob Strips is also offering 60 Refills for a repeat buyer for only $8.99ea, excluding the tin. And one more thing, the shipping is totally free of charge! You may purchase or place an order here:

If you’re facing the same problems like mine, please visit Peek-A-Boob Strips. You won’t be disappointed! Let’s together bid our safety pins adieu!

~Thanks to Ashley at Peek-A-Boob Strips for sending me a sample for this review! ~

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