Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your Eyes Can Fool Your Brain

Tell me what do you see in the comments.
What do you see?
How many faces can you find?
How many legs does an elephant have?
Old lady? Look again.


sRy_ said...

an elderly couple or two Mexicans... nine faces?...should have four legs, but in this impossible image seems to be eight!...rotating the image I see a young woman...
Nive post! :)

swanriverstone said...

the first pic i see a man playing a guitar and what appears to be a woman with a jar over her head holding up a curtain,,the inbetwen space looks like a chalice at first then a golden sunset with the water and san..then a hole from above with light coming inward .

there is a figure in the back in peach standing in the doorway..and there is a small image of a lion in the upper shadows of the picture.

I see five legs-elephants have four.

I see 8 faces

and the old woman is a young princess with a crown

am i right??

Aik said...

Nice job, friends!

1)An old couple staring at one another, a sitting woman with a bottle at her side, a man playing guitar, a lady stepping out of a door, a goblet in the center of the old couple.

2) I'm not sure how many faces are there in the second picture, but I can only spot six.

3) As for the elephant, you can't really see how many legs are there because the picture is drawn in a way that it confuses our eyes.

4) Both of you got the last one absolutely right!

Anonymous said...

NO UR WRONG! the elephant have 9 legs, its confuse ur eyes but u can see 9 LEGS, actually first i thought it was 4 legs and 5 feets but the feets "without legs" it looked like it didnt had legs but it did