Monday, December 27, 2010

Toilet Bowl Terror

An hour ago, I was having my deliciously-long bath. While I was showering myself, a thought suddenly emerged: Why don't I shower while doing a facial mask? So I went over to the basin and grabbed the bottle of Sandalwood Cleansing Powder to pour some of the contents out. (The Sandalwood Cleansing Powder is used by mixing some water to make it sticky and then gently rub it on the face to remove dead cells.)

After getting some powder on my palm, I closed the lid. But it slipped out of my slick, wet hands and clang! it hit the toilet bowl and shattered into pieces, its content all in the toilet bowl until the water is so murky I practically can't see the bottom.

OMG. What have I done?

I flushed the toilet bowl twice to remove the powder and saw the remains of what used to be the glass bottle a second ago. I cursed myself for my clumsiness and stupidity. Now the problem was how to get them out from the toilet bowl?

My inner-self yelled, "Use you hands, idiot!"

I replied, "That is so gross! Can't you think of anything else?"

My inner-self said again, "Then use some dried sticks to get them out, like how you pick food with your chopsticks!"

"This is more acceptable. OK, then. I'll go find some sticks." I replied glumly.


I examined my garden for the trace of dried sticks, and ended up with two thin ones. These will do, I told myself.

Back in my toilet. I tried to get those pieces up, but they kept falling back to where their original place. Shit!

At this moment, my inner-self told me, "Hey, why don't you get those things up with your hand wrapped in a plastic bag?"

I considered about it for a second, and rushed downstairs to get a plastic bag. But still, I couldn't help wondering: Wouldn't it be so gross if the water leaked into the plastic bag? Then my hands would be stained with dirty water.


Finally, I succeeded in collecting the pieces of glass from the toilet bowl. But my worst premonition came true. The water did leak into the plastic bag! Eeeewwww! Yucks! Gross!

I washed my hands ten times after accomplishing my mission impossible.

Thank God my mom didn't know about this.


Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Ewww! The things we have to do sometimes - I hope you never have to experience that again :P

ng said...

OMG!!tat really gross me out~~xD...poor aik~~wish u really get to wash the smell away~~=D

Hong Le said...

You reminded me that when I was little, my spectacles fell into the squat toilet, which in the deep hole of it was occupied by... (Eww XP)

Aik said...

@Alicia: I hope so! That was really gross!

@ng: Yeah, poor me!

@Hong Le: Did you retrieve it?

Hong Le said...

Yes... And it was washed thoroughly and wore by me until sometime.