Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Notebook from Marysza

I won this handmade notebook on Agnes' blog, marysza.blogspot.com in August. Aside from running this blog, Agnes is also the owner of the shop Marysza on Etsy.

This notebook is quite pretty, especially the hand-sewn cover. When it arrived, most of the pages were clumped together. I'm sure it was put under a pile of heavy objects when it was sent to Malaysia, thus compacting it. The ruffled edges give you a vintage feel, but there were some little bits of fluff coming off from my notebook when it arrived. But no worries, I've cleaned them up!

One of my favourites from marysza is the old style red polka dots notebook:
old style red polka dots notebook
You can buy it for $38.00, which is a considerable price, since it's 100% handmade.

As you can see on her blog, Agnes is a crafty person. She makes laptop bags...
[I'm loving this one!]

...patchwork bed covers...

...and dolls!

Before I end this post, I would like to thank Agnes for sending me the notebook! I will certainly treasure it! Thank you, Agnes!

Aik :)

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marysza said...

ohhh thank you! im happy you like it and i'm sorry for the clumped pages and the fluff!! maybe this one was too much olden! but i'm happy you like it! the laptop bag will be on a giveaway soon.. but shhh! it's a secret! :)