Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Thursday Post

Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm very busy at this moment of the year because I have to hand in a complete Account folio tomorrow! I'm trying my best to get it done as I'm poor in accounting.

A Japanese exchange student named Iyo Misato visited our school today. She's really nice. Even though we asked her loads of questions (most of them out of sheer curiosity regarding the Japanese education system and also their pretty school uniforms), she remained smiling her sweet smile and politely responded to each of them.

There's also a boy, but he's not really talkative. His name is Makoto and I think he looks just like a typical Malaysian. His micro-actions reflected that he feels slightly uncomfortable being crowded by a bunch of girls from our class, all wanting to learn some basic Japanese.

Everyone was surrounding the girl today just as they surrounded the boy yesterday. Indeed, everyone was wanting to peek a glimpse at the special new students from Japan. Good thing both of them responded positively to it. I wonder if the Japanese do the same when an exchange student arrives in their country?

I hope Makoto-kun and Mii-chan enjoy their trip in Malaysia and find the local cuisine suitable to their taste palates. If you need recommendations on delicious Malaysian food, just ask me! Roti canai, gong biang, ang chiew mi sua, satay, chicken curry and my homemade kuih batik!

マレーシアを訪問していただきありがとうございます! :)


Holly said...

It's good that you're giving the exchange students a warm welcome. I'm sure they'll think fondly of their time in Malaysia once they're gone. The foods you mentioned sound so interesting! The only ones I've tried are satay and chicken curry. Maybe I need to visit Malaysia!

Aik said...

Please do come, Holly! We have many places of interest here, and also an amazing potpourri of Asian food.

ChanHJ said...

I think his name is Makoto . Don't forget about bak kut teh!

ANNIE said...

me me me!
I will be needing recommendations on delicious Malaysian food... hopefully very very soon =P

Aik said...

@ChanHJ: Oh yeah, didn't see that. Typing error.

@Anne: Welcome to Malaysia! I'd be happy to recommend some great food. :)