Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoo Uniform Update

Zoo Uniform is an exclusive lifestyle brand in France which is centered around 36 animal faces designs. But so far, they've only launched standard products bearing only five of their designs (The Koala, The Monkey, The Owl, The Panda and The Pig). You can read my review for The Koala T-Shirt HERE.

C├ęsar & Paul, the brains behind the brand, has contacted me about the change in prices of the products. Now, the prices are €25.00 for T-shirts and €10.00 for Panties, and thus more affordable to the public! You can take a look at the products for sale at the STORE.

The Koala Pink Tshirt Women - Click Image to Close
The Koala T-shirt Rose Femme €25.00

The Pig Black Panties - Click Image to CloseThe Pig Black Panties - Click Image to Close
The Pig Culotte Noire €10.00

The Panda Tshirt Gris Homme - Cliquez sur l'image pour la fermer
The Panda T-shirt Gris Homme €25.00

For more, please visit Zoo Uniform

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