Sunday, April 27, 2014

HE Interview @ Seri Kembangan

This afternoon our Ethnic Relations group went on an hour journey to Seri Kembangan to conduct an interview with our mixed parentage respondent, C (for privacy purposes I will omit her name). This was actually a last-minute thing cos our group didn't manage to persuade any of our batchmates to let us interview them. We have six, but none are willing to, so we kind of got a bit desperate and we were supposed to go interview Adreena (who's father is of mixed parentage), but finally thanks to Adreena, we managed to secure an interview with her close friend/junior C. I really can't express how thankful and grateful I am to have this chance to visit their house. If you're reading this, thank you so much! :)

Actually we could've got there on time, but I took wrong turns here and there (about 6 times) which caused us to arrive late. Thankfully C is free this afternoon. Again, thank God!

C and her younger brother K were cool enough to let us interview them, and they were so natural on the video, giving spontaneous and witty answers.

After the interview, we asked if there were any cultural stuff that we could take photos of, and the siblings quickly went upstairs to bring them down. I think I'm loving them already. Where to find such awesome respondents, like seriously? They were so open and warm, and replied to our questions with a hint of humour and sarcasm (which is very welcomed, so that our interview doesn't seem dry or rehearsed). 

A showcase of the memorabilia they have in their cosy home.
Christmas ornaments and K lounging nearby.
Cat christmas sock! Meow!
C holding her saree. She didn't know exactly how to tie the sash, so she didn't put it on. But she's sporting enough to let us take a photo of it (with her in the photo)!

A home of Christ.
Some sort of Indian lamps?
The last supper art carving.
Christmas ornaments in C's house.
Adreena and C, together with an angpow. Lookin' cute there, dreena babe!
This is C, getting an award for her outstanding academic performance.
Their lovely family photo. C and K are Chindians. Their mom is Chinese, their dad is Indian mixed Eurasian. So that makes them one eight European? Interesting. :)
It's selfie time! :)
Did I mention how hot good-looking K is? He's just 16 (from what Adreena said) but he looks kind of matured (and absolutely cute). Hsiao Ping, Marco & Thean Chiap, you all lose liao. K has a l'il bit of that bad-boy vibe, while C has the I'm the boss, don't you dare mess with me feel, which I think is kinda cool cos it makes a lady look spunky (imagine spikes and studs).

Overall this was a very wonderful experience, and I'm really glad C was cool enough to have us at her home today. I was kind of worried at first, cos we're at dead ends, until Adreena made this happen. Thank God! So, thanks a lot babe, don't know what we'll do without you. <3 p="">
So that's it! Our interview in Seri Kembangan! On our way back I asked Thean Chiap to drive. When I asked him to drive slower (he was going at 60kmph), everyone started shooting verbal darts at me saying I almost scared them to death when I was driving just now. :"/

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