Sunday, December 28, 2014

SEP Pancasila University

SEP (Student Exchange Program) is an annual program between our University and other higher institutes of learning from Thailand, Indonesia and China. It's a baby of ALSA (Asian Law Students Association) UM, and we received a team of 20 inbound students in mid November - early December for a period of three weeks.

I only had the chance to join one activity due to my busy schedule. So I picked the Batu Caves trip.

Me and Ridha before climbing the stairs

One quarter of the journey to the top.

I was already so exhausted halfway through. Really don't know how Ridha remained super energetic and bouncy as she kept urging me to go on. She didn't even break a sweat climbing the stairs. I'm sure she'd have gone up in a mere 5 minutes if it wasn't for me lol.

The UM SEP committee members. Didn't notice the jolly-looking angmoh photobombing us! Thanks for making our photo so much livelier, dear sir! :)

On our last night, we had a Cultural Night to enjoy and have fun. For the first time in my life, I'm involved in the dance crew. So happy that I finally had the courage to take up something new. Dancing is something I've always wanted to try out, though it's pretty alien to me.

The Indian dance crew.

And last but not least, a pretty picture of myself.

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